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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Criticizing Israel is not anti-semitism - Ralph Nader


Dear Mr. Foxman:

You started your last letter with the sentence: "We are not engaged in a dialogue about the issues you raised in your letter." That is precisely the point, is it not, Mr. Foxman. For many years you have eschewed engaging in a dialogue with those in Israel and the United States who disagree with your views. Your mode of operation for years has been to make charges of racism or insinuation of racism designed to slander and evade.

Your insensitivity here is legion. You fail to understand that your studied refusal to reflect the condemnations of Israeli military action and mayhem against civilians, by the great Israeli human rights organization B't selem and the major international human rights organizations, contributes to the stereotypic bigotry against Palestinian Arabs and the violent Gulag that imprisons them in the West Bank and Gaza.

In conclusion, Abraham Foxman has a problem. He is in a time warp and cannot adjust to the new age of total Israeli military domination of the Palestinian people. A majority of the Israeli and Palestinian people believe in a two state solution an independent, viable Palestinian state and a secure Israel. This is the way to settle this conflict and live in peace for future generations.

If you have not met frequently with the broad and deep Israeli peace movement, you might wish to change your routine so that you can play a part in the historic effort to establish a broad and deep peace between the two Semitic peoples. The exchanges should be videotaped and widely distributed to further the cause of peace and to witness Abraham Foxman dialoguing without his customary lines that evade the issues.


Ralph Nader

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Local Candidates, part I

There are many local candidates who are running for office this year, and hold values similar to those of the Nader/Camejo 2004 campaign, here are a couple - if you live in the area, vote for these candidates.
If you know people who live in these districts - forward this info. to them!

Also, if you know of others deserving mention on this page, please write to - Thanx!

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Renee Saucedo is a Green Party member running for District 9 Supervisor in San Francisco. Ms. Saucedo spoke at two Nader rallies: July 16 at Mission High, San Francisco (almost 1,000 people attended) and on October 11 at San Francisco State University (where 800 people attended). She is a longtime immigrants rights activist.

Check out Renee Saucedo's web page here

And Pat Driscoll, Green Party member for 5th Congressional district (Sacramento area) spoke at Nader/Camejo event at Davis that drew over 800 people.

Check out Pat Driscoll's web page here

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ramadan Mubarakh!

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Salaam Ailaikum sisters and brothers

Ramadan Mubarakh - may this beautiful month help bring peace to all of our hearts.

Against Kerry

Norman Madarasz, Ph.D., is a Canadian philosopher residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil writes:

As a Senator, John Kerry never distinguished himself by opposing what has been an essentially war-mongering Senate, whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans. This is why the problem with the US government is as much the Senate as the Presidency.

There is nothing “vague” about the candidate’s positions. It’s just a matter of opening one’s eyes—and preventing them from being shut. In the best of worlds, Kerry would have proven his worth by engaging Bush only in indirect battle over Iraq. Instead, he suggested escalating the war on terror until some supposed victory is achieved.

America’s poor have no active voice by which to bolster their vote. In addition to losing political and purchasing power, most Americans have also lost the right to a representation-form that deals with the most basic necessity of their lives: their jobs. Today, trade union representation in the United States is not merely a dirty word; In many industry sectors it has all but become illegal. Why would the disenfranchised then want to participate in a process that strips them of their most basic rights?

As for the tiring question of Ralph Nader stealing votes from Kerry, it’s simply that Kerry has not catered to Nader’s voters. Judging by his campaign, it often seems as though Kerry’s task has been to avoid them outright. What’s most likely is that many Americans will simply skip the elections instead of voting for an impostor. This is the presidential election’s greatest failure.

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Ralph Nader event in Berkeley

Luxomedia reports from the rally:

Dr. Jess Ghannam, president of American-Arab anti-discrimination league (San Francisco) at Nader/Camejo rally.

"Don't believe the hype about Anybody But Bush, especially when it comes to Iraq, and the Middle East and the greater Arab world."

In California, and a few other states WriteInNader

Click here to watch Jess speak!

On Optimism!

Instead of dwelling over the latest charade known as "the debates" - I am posting an article by Howard Zinn on optimism that folks reading this blog might appreciate. Several of my progressive (and even the not so "progressive") friends have said that they found themselves feeling sick while watching these "debates" - perhaps others are also feeling the same way.

But first, a story: a few days after 9/11/01 a young boy was walking with his Native American grandfather - he asked grandpa about 9/11, and how he felt. Grandpa was silent for several minutes, and then said that he felt that there were two wolves inside of him competing against each other - one wanted revenge, to go on a rampage - enraged...

But there was another wolf who wanted to understand, to be compassionate, and grieve the loss. The boy asked which wolf is going to win? Grandpa said, the one I feed.

This conflict and contrast within grandpa is reflected in Howard Zinn's article:

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Progressives being used against Nader!

An excellent article detailing the forces behind Kerry's war against Nader, and how progressives are being duped by the military industrial complex, note that the group "Ballot Project, Inc." is anti-Nader group that has the led the fight against Nader/Camejo being on the ballot this November.

Stephen Conn writes in Counterpunch (excerpts)

The progressives and peace activists who are helping to stop Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo don't realize it but they are being used by people who represent the corporate interests, especially the military-industrial complex, of the two major parties.

The Ballot Project Inc. was funded initially by former Monsanto CEO and genetic farming proponent Robert Shapiro, with another $25,000, (an amount far in excess of legislated campaign finance limits), from West Coast Democratic moneyman, Max Palevsky.

Media spokesmen for both the Ballot Project and United Progressives for Victory are Brandon and Toby Moffett. Moffett is a former Monsanto official, now lobbyist for foreign countries

Moffett makes big money for his clients from the war and occupation of Iraq. One Moffett client is British firm, De La Rue. It secured contracts to print new Iraqi money and travel documents through Moffett's efforts. The Livingston group guided Turkey to its lucrative billion dollar plus foreign aid alliance with the Bush administration.

And what about the Any-butt-Bush's -progressives who support these efforts by signing on to anti-Nader letters drafted by Brandon and Associates for the United Progressives? Perhaps, for them, the end justifies the means. Perhaps they were fooled or just went along with people they trusted. Whether they were duped by the fear put out by the ABB campaign or they chose the direction on their own, they are clearly being used by corporate interests who they certainly disagree with.

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Monday, October 11, 2004

Don't Call Me A Liberal!

Flashback 1988

Bush The First: “please understand, the liberals do not like me talking about liberal. They don't like it when I say that he says he's a card carrying member (of the ACLU)”

Dukakis: ... the vice president is questioning my patriotism. I don't think there's any question about that, and I resent it. I resent it.

Bush The First was right, and it was only very late in the campaign that Dukakis finally declared himself as a liberal, and got a surge, but it was all too late and too little.

Flash forward 2004:

Bush The Second: First, the National Journal named Senator Kerry the most liberal senator of all. And that's saying something in that bunch. You might say that took a lot of hard work.

So, did Kerry do the right thing, and proudly talk about the wonderful American history of liberalism? Did he proudly claim Franklin Roosevelt as a liberal - remember the New Deal? Did he claim the GI Bill as a liberal accomplishment? Did he recall the fight against child labor, and sweatshops in the US? How about the civil rights struggle?

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