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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Moby & Public Enemy Video:

Never ones to rest on their laurels whilst injustices are being waged, Public Enemy and Moby have now joined forces in creating the anti-war single - Very Powerful Video Exclusive Here.

Until Mideast policies change, America can’t win this war

The State

We are losing the war on terrorism. This summer the State Department issued an alert to Americans in the Middle East and North Africa, warning that they are at risk of attack. If Americans cannot safely live or travel in that region, it is hard to conclude that we are winning the war on terrorism.

The reason we are losing is self-deception. We have not correctly identified the reasons behind anti-U.S. actions. As a result, our tactics are ineffective and may even be counterproductive.

After Sept. 11, 2001, the Bush administration explained to the public that evil forces hate American freedoms, and that these enemies can be defeated only by being eradicated physically.

That analysis misses the point. Anti-U.S. actions stem from a perception in the Middle East that the United States harms the region by pursuing its own political and financial interests.

Read On...

How to Argue with a Kerry Supporter

By the Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers:

ABBite : We have to do everything we can to get Bush out of office!! Anyone but Bush!! Bush has just been a disaster!!!! We need to vote for John Kerry! Kerry-Edwards! Bush is sooooo bad!!

Questioner : How so?

ABBite : What?!?! WHAT?!?!! Look at him. He’s so stupid!!

Questioner : What makes you say that?

ABBite : WHAT?!?!!? Haven’t you seen “Fahrenheit 9/11”??

Questioner : Sure I have. It was awful. What’s your point? Naming a movie title isn’t much of an argument for Bush’s stupidity.

ABBite : He can’t pronounce words or sentences properly!!!

Questioner : Actually, he can. A recent article in the Atlantic Monthly by James Fallows showed that Bush throughout his 40s “was perfectly articulate.” Has it ever occurred to you that these verbal gaffes are intentional, designed to cultivate the non-elitist, everyman image that Bush has successfully pulled off?

ABBite : No.

Questioner : Congrats, you’ve played into Karl Rove’s strategy by focusing on Bush’s personality rather than any issues your candidate should be able to take the election with. Nice job.

ABBite : Well, a Bush presidency would still be worse than Kerry’s!!!!!

Questioner : How so?

ABBite : Uh, the war, hello?!

Questioner : But John Kerry voted for the war, as did almost all the Democrats.

ABBite : But he was MISLED by bad intelligence on WMD!!

Questioner : But John Kerry now says he would have still voted for the war even without WMD. Huh??

ABBite : Well, what about CIVIL LIBERTIES at home and the PATRIOT ACT???!!! Hello, the PATRIOT ACT?!?!

Questioner : Uh, John Kerry voted for the Patriot Act.

ABBite : Yeah, but it was right after 9-11. It’s not that he really supported it. That was just the climate at the time.

Questioner : Actually, John Kerry wrote sections of the Patriot Act and is proud of it.

ABBite : He did?

Questioner : Yeah. Try doing some research.


Questioner : Hello? You still there?

ABBite : Umm, well, what about tax cuts??!!

Questioner : What about ‘em? Kerry won’t repeal most of the Bush tax cuts. In fact, he chastised Howard Dean’s proposal to do so.

ABBite : Well, I still prefer a Kerry presidency. It would be better than Bush.

Questioner : Why?

ABBite : Well, gay marriage.

Questioner : Sorry, but John Kerry is a homophobic bigot who opposes gay marriage, and at best, wants to leave it up to the states. It’s kind of sad that mainstream gay-rights groups have all but stopped mobilizing around the issue for fear of making their man, Kerry, look bad.

ABBite : Oh. Well, uh, what about abortion!!?? What if Bush puts more anti-choice judges in the Supreme Court?

Questioner : What about abortion? Kerry voted for Scalia, the most right-wing Supreme Court justice there is. He also has said he won’t make pro-choice a litmus test for appointments. Also, abortion is not just a legal issue. In fact, a woman’s chance of having one is determined largely in economic and social spheres. In most areas outside of major metropolitan zones, it’s impossible to get an abortion, and Clinton did nothing about that. Middle and upper-class women can easily travel or leave the country to get an abortion. If John Kerry spent more time caring about poor women of color and their ability to get an abortion—instead of how the middle-class might benefit from keeping more of Bush’s tax cuts—then I’d start believing him and his apologists, like you, when you hold him up to be some champion of abortion.

ABBite : Our candidate is kind of pathetic.

Questioner : Yeah, he is. Vote Nader. He is anti-Patriot Act, anti-war, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and for a complete repeal of the Bush tax cuts. Hey, at least you didn’t call me names, spit in my face, or focus almost entirely on the horse-race aspect of this election, as most Kerry-Edwards robot-drones do... original....

Nader: Social Ills Deadlier Than Terror

By DAVID B. CARUSO, Associated Press Writer - Sat, Sep 11, 2004

PHILADELPHIA - Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader told supporters Saturday that a far larger number of Americans die each year from poverty, hunger, pollution, dangerous jobs or poor access to high-quality health care than terrorism.

"Who weeps for these people?" Nader asked before remarking that it would take a press release from al-Qaida to get Democrats and Republicans to pay attention to the nation's social ills.

Nader met with about 175 supporters in a Philadelphia church as many Americans observed the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Despite those attacks, Nader said, the United States has "no major enemy" in the world to fight and called on the major political parties to "end the politics of fear."

Nader renewed his support for a dramatic increase in the minimum wage, development of a universal health care system, stricter anti-pollution rules, and a major reduction in the size of the U.S. military, including a quick withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. Read orig...

Debates: In or out for Ralph Nader?

Stiffing Nader isn't democratic . . .

The exclusion of Ralph Nader from the debates is more than a bureaucratic manipulation to limit participation to George Bush and John Kerry. It is designed to delegitimize the public thirst for new political players.

If our democracy institutions are not proactively responsive to new developments in the body politic, our democracy will itself degenerate. Indeed, it already has. Fully 50 percent of eligible Americans do not vote in national elections.

The historical record makes clear that when independent candidates are included in national presidential debates, viewership and voter turnout go up. Moreover, polling in 2000 and 2004 show that a significant majority of Americans - as high as 75 percent in some cases - support the inclusion of Nader regardless of whom they plan to vote for.

Ralph Nader has been a hugely significant figure in American political life for a generation. He has now become a political independent, providing a visible presence for the undeniable movement toward a new paradigm that is more varied and more representative of America than the two-party system.

The hysterical reaction to Nader's candidacy by some - which has gone a step beyond wanting him excluded from the debates to wanting him removed from the ballot altogether - is as much an anti-democratic reaction to the movement as it is to the man.

A vibrant, forward-looking and responsive society must always choose the path of democratic development. The conduct of the 2004 presidential debates is a defining choice in this regard. Ralph Nader must be included in the presidential debates. Read full...

Also Visit... Open Debates and Let Nader Debate.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The case for joining Ralph's Revolt

The Elect Ralph Nader blog - has posted a review of Greg Bate's book Ralph's Revolt - read on:

Why you should join Nader’s revolt

Review by Nick Chin

Greg Bates,
Ralph’s Revolt: The Case for Joining Nader’s Rebellion
, Common Courage Press, 2004, 175 pages, $6.47.

"THROUGHOUT HISTORY the taunt of those who advocate that we should not press too hard has been, ‘Do you really think you can win?’" So Greg Bates writes in his new book Ralph’s Revolt: The Case for Joining Nader’s Rebellion.

"If the slaves had let that question stop them," Bates continues, "if the suffragettes had let that stop them, if the civil-rights movement had let that stop them, if the anti-Vietnam War movement had let that stop them, if the disability movement had let that stop them, if the gay rights movement and the antiwar movement and the anti-globalization movement lets that question stop them today, then we know the answer: The whole world will lose."

Read more here

Palestine Coverage...

PBS Frontline covers Palestine with striking video!

C-SPAN Video: Hanan Ashrawi, Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, discusses the air strike that killed 14 members of Hamas, elections for the upcoming year, and U.S. Policy toward the Middle East. Watch...

An Open Letter to Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush

I am a supporter of Ralph Nader, and am devastated by a recent court ruling issued that removed Mr. Nader from the Florida ballot. The lawsuit was filed by the Florida Democrat Party, and four other voters. Votes are priceless, and to lose the right to vote for a candidate of choice is a catastrophe. Nearly 100,000 Floridians voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and current polls still show that he has significant support here. There is little time before ballots are printed, and thousands of people are left without a candidate to vote for. It is unacceptable that my "voice" will not be heard in 2004. Millions have died to secure the right to vote, and it would be a shame for even one person to lose such a right.

Thanking you,



A Juma with the Muslim Vote

Today at Juma I was decked out.

Proudly wearing my "Vote Peace - End War" avocado green button - my pockets loaded with freshly printed business cards reading: "Nader/Camejo - the only candidate that supports - Full Withdrawal from Iraq! - Palestinian Rights! - Ending the Patriot Act!"

I shook the hands of brother and sisters, greeting them with Salaams, asking them if they are going to vote, had they heard of Mr. Nader... I assured them "you know the guy, he put seat-belts in your car." Some replied "who cares? I don't care? What do I care about seat-belts, I hate Bush!" Others replied "Oh, I know this Nader guy, he's liberal, I like this guy!"

Some just looked at me funny thinking, why is this brother enthused about voting, much less for a guy garnering 2-5% of the popular vote? What they don't know is Mr. Nader and Mr. Camejo poll at a rate 10x higher among Muslim voters - at between 20-35% respectively. He's a candidate with genuine respect for Muslims, Arab-American himself, he's even Arabic speaking. He's consistently raised issues Muslims are most affected by, namely war, occupation, and civil liberties. He's great on domestic issues too, the environment, health-care, and worker's rights. He's the real deal.

The difficulty in talking politics with Muslim brothers and sisters, depends on their backgrounds. I met an Egyptian, 30 year US Citizen - has never considered voting. The reason? In Egypt your vote may count against you some years later, when they're looking for prisoners of conscience. Say you vote for X and dictator Y throws a coup. He's checking voter roles for any supporters of X. If that's you... better run. His fears have transfered into the the US, but it's been broken by his son, who will vote in 2004. Those that grow up in the US learn one open-secret... The system works... If you don't like 'em --- VOTE 'EM OUT!!! This got Jimmy Carter in office... and later out of office...

A great many Muslims have been struck by ANYBODY-BUT-BUSH SYNDROME. (ABB) Maybe we can get Bristol Meyers and Pfizer a juicy government subsidy to create a drug for this insidious plague - infecting the hearts and conscience of citizens all across the land.

I ask you as Muslims... Is there really a such thing as a lesser of two evils?

Is booze less evil that pork? Is Murder more evil than rape?

I ask you if Clinton/Gore sanctions that killed 1 million Iraqi children is less or more evil than Bush's invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan?

Can the case be made Kerry is less evil than Bush? Evil is evil and must always be rid. At no time should Muslims accept a 'lesser evil' ---unless there is no other alternative.

But there is an alternative brother and sisters. Ralph Nader...Peter Camejo. The best of the 3, not the lesser of 2. I will not choose either haram. I will choose halal...Allah willing...

Nader/Camejo will speak before 9 Muslim groups on Sept. 25th in Orlando, Florida - sponsored by American Muslim Association. Might I add - the same AMA that donated $50,000 to Sen. Clinton, only to have the money returned - Excerpt from 2000 elections:

"Since the 1950s in Alabama, we haven't seen a situation where an entire group of voters become disenfranchised during a campaign," said Jim Zogby, director of the Arab-American Institute in Washington. "In an election as close as this, where everyone else is being courted, [Arab voters] are being told, 'We don't care how close it is, we don't need or want your support.'"
Nader's speech to CIAR in July can be viewed here. During the speech, his comments about the 'Israeli Puppeteer' in Washington caused quite a media stir.

Kerry and civil liberties: A nonstarter!

Kerry: The 5% candidate

Kerry would keep 95% of the Patriot Act, and stregnthen the rest!

The Patriot Act is considered by civil rights groups a violation of the US constitution. But the Patriot Act did not begin with Bush/Ashcroft, infact the groundwork was laid by the Democratic administration of Bill Clinton - this was the 1996 antiterrorism bill that included the secret evidence rule

Kerry not only voted for the Bush Patriot Act, he also voted for the Clinton Act - and, as the ACLU has pointed out:

Virtually every recent secret evidence case that has come to public attention involves a Muslim or an Arab.

The ACLU document includes examples of how innocent Muslims and Arabs were kept in solitary confinement for years.

There is some talk amongst some Muslims that Kerry will allow some “provisions to sunset.” But this is totally contrary to Kerry’s own campaign literature (pdf) that states:

KEEP 95 PERCENT OF PROVISIONS. Kerry supports and would retain over 95% of the approximately 140 provisions in the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act gave law enforcement some important new tools after 9/11, and John Kerry believes we must keep over 95 percent of the provisions.

And the 5%? Well, these deal with library record searches, and “real proof” before doing sneak and peek searches (the literature does not talk about court orders being required before these searches, only "real proof")! But Kerry would not allow these provisions to "sunset" rather, he would "stregnthen them"

we should preserve over 95 percent of the Act and make improvements on the rest to strengthen the war on terrorism.

The CRITICAL issue of concern for Muslims and Arabs with regards to the Patriot act is that people can be jailed on mere suspicion, denied readmission to the US - if they’ve engaged in free speech. And “suspects” can be detained indefinitely, again, on mere suspicion. These provisions of the Patriot Act are not going to be allowed to sunset under Kerry.
t is interesting to note that this particular piece was made in response to the Republicans charging that Kerry is soft - so, he comes out with Me Too statement - I’m as tough as you guys, only tougher!

The Nader/Camejo campaign has an excellent policy statement titled: Civil Rights for Muslims and Arabs this includes:

Passage of the End Racial Profiling Act, championed by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. in the House and Senator Russell Feingold in the Senate, that would dissuade law enforcement from engaging in profiling by requiring collection of race data, and providing legal options to victims of racial profiling.


Oppose the extension of provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that are set to expire in 2005
Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo are the ones calling for the Patriot Act to sunset - NOT Kerry!

Also Wednesday, September 8th, Nativo Lopez, the president of MAPA - one of the oldest and largest Mexican American political groups, left the Democratic Party - and joined the Greens.
Lopez said:

"We are no better off than a generation ago. The Democrats have not helped us. This needs to change," said Lopez, who added he is planning joint voter registration efforts with the Green Party, and expects MAPA to endorse Green candidates.

"The two major parties say they believe in capitalism, but they do notwant competition in politics. The big corporate dollars have helped theparties to lock up the districts...they do not want to wake the Latinovoter up because they are afraid we will change the system," said Lopez

As Bob Dylan once sang:
And the first one now

Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Anti-Democracy - Democratic Party in Florida

The Democratic Party is at it again in, using every play in the Nixon play book to keep Nader/Camejo off the ballot in my home town of Florida, despite the Reform Party nomination.

From Nader/Camejo spokesman Kevin Zeese:

"In Florida, the Republicans are great at removing voters from the voter rolls while the Democrats try to remove candidates from the ballot," Zeese said. "It's a shame the Democrats don't have more confidence in their candidate and more confidence in the voters."

Nader/Camejo is in deep need of Pro Bono lawyers in Florida any beyond. Now is the time to be heard - Volunteer! Hop on the email list! Contribute!

Watch the Nader 'Countdown' Video: Here - You'll be fired up afterward!!!

End Lesser of Two Politics...

Medea Benjamin Comes Clean, But David Cobb is still Dirty
By Joshua Frank

...What will happen in 2008 if Kerry wins this year and then comes up for re-election against another odious Republican like, say, Jeb Bush? Answer. The same arguments against a third-party campaign that are being made this election will arise again. Many of the same pro-Cobb voices of 2004 will continue to ask what the potential risks of running an all out campaign could be. At least this time around if Bush wins by more then 50% (which is less than he is polling at the present time) of the popular vote, Nader will not be to blame for Kerry’s loss...

Read on...

Life Long Activist Turns Efforts to Nader!

Portland Press Herald Writer

Mary Hillery has always joined causes. As a college student, she demonstrated against the Vietnam War, and later took to the streets to support women's rights.

This year, her cause is the transformation of American democracy, and her activism is focused on the presidential candidacy of Ralph Nader.

Hillery, 57, lives in Arrowsic, and works as a nurse practitioner in a family planning clinic. She has two sons in their 20s.

Hillery said she is a firm believer in direct political activism as the best way to bring about change.

"Mass mobilizations are the way to tell the government that they have to change," she said. "It works. We did it (in the '60s) and it finally ended the war in Vietnam."

Hillery took a break from work Wednesday to explain why she is involved in Nader's Maine campaign.

Q: Why Nader? He can't win, can he?

A: I believe that there is no choice. He has the only platform that says 'U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan, now.' He is also the best on workers' issues. I am voting for what I believe in, even if he's not going to be elected president. I refuse to vote for what I don't want and then get it for another four years.

Q: Doesn't your vote for Nader help re-elect President Bush?

A: I think Kerry is helping Bush by running such a low-profile campaign. He's more like a Republican than the Republicans. He would have to differentiate himself from Bush if he wants to win.

Q: Does Nader take votes away from Kerry?

A: I don't think so. A lot of people who vote for Nader are voting against the two-party system. If Nader wasn't on the ballot, those votes would not go to Kerry. Certainly not in my case. If Nader wasn't on the ballot, I wouldn't vote for president, or I'd write Nader in.

Q: Does your support for Nader get any negative reaction from friends?

A: Oh yeah, I love it! I love to talk politics. A lot of people are afraid that Bush is going to be re-elected, but you know what? I've been told to vote for the lesser of two evils every election since I first started voting, and that was in 1968 . . . (People say) your vote won't count, but I don't look at it that way. In the last election, 50 percent of the people didn't vote and that is much more significant than the votes for Nader. Those people are not just sitting home and watching TV, they're are thinking about it and deciding not to vote.

Q: What does that tell you?

A: There are not enough choices. It's not going to knock the country out of balance if we have more that two candidates for president . . . We have six different kinds of Coke, I don't see why we can't have more than two choices for president.

Q: What are you going to do for the campaign?

A: (Nader's running mate) Peter Camejo is coming to Maine and I'm working on publicizing that.

Read Original...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Does Kerry really want to win?!!

At the Democratic Party convention, Kerry all but told the base to get lost and now they are struggling,

Karyn Strickler has some thoughts to offer on how Kerry is screwing the base and losing the election:

He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat."
- Napoleon

If Kerry’s base walks away in disgust, it could spell disaster for the Democratic nominee. The “anybody but Bush” sentiment is strong this year and the Democrats are hoping that will keep their base engaged. It’s a gamble since campaigns are won by energizing your base to help move large blocks of voters, not by a campaign of defeatist docility, designed to influence a few undecided voters.

Ironically, swing voters seem to agree that what they’re hearing from Kerry is not persuasive. In a Pennsylvania focus group with these voters, the Washington Post discovered, everyone thought Bush was more specific in laying out this agenda and they liked that, even if they didn’t agree with him. But, “In more than six hours of discussion over two separate nights, [swing voters] are hard-pressed to say anything positive about…either candidate.” Still, you don’t see the Republicans alienating their base by abandoning their core values in order to influence the swings.

As part of the disgruntled Democratic base, I feel as disenfranchised as the voters of Dade County, Florida, in the 2000 Presidential election, who had the votes they cast tossed into the trash can -- left, without a choice. Read more here
And The Washington Post writes:

President Bush -- hoping to blur differences between the two candidates over the explosive issue of Iraq -- had challenged Kerry to declare whether he would have supported the war knowing what he does now about Iraq's weapons program. Kerry strolled up to reporters, took what two of his own aides privately called obvious political bait and declared without equivocation that "yes, I would have voted for the authority" for Bush to wage the conflict.

With one simple answer, Kerry stepped on his message for the week and provided the Bush campaign the political ammunition it sought. Read more here

If Kerry does'nt want to win - he should step aside - let the voters vote for a real pro-peace, anti-war, social justice oriented candidate: Ralph Nader

Tariq Ramadan Denied US Entry!

Democracy Now! interviews Tariq Ramadan, Swiss scholar
known for his work on Islamic theology and the place of Muslims in the modern world, was appointed to teach Islamic philosophy and ethics at the University of Notre Dame. After receiving a visa from the State Department, it was revoked at the behest of the Homeland Security Department.

256k Video or Audio here...

Monday, September 06, 2004

No Difference on Labor Day 2004

Labor Day

Today (September 6th) is labor day, and much of organized labor is behind Kerry and the Democratic Party. Let’s take a brief look at the Democratic Party’s record towards working people, and then let’s see what the Nader/Camejo campaign has to offer as an alternative to the two corporate run parties.

More than any US president, including Reagan, it was the Democrat, Clinton who successfully dismantled the American safety net that had served millions of workers and poor people.

As Alexander Cockburn points out in the new book A Dime’s worth of difference - beyond lesser of two evilism -

Clinton’s welfare deform included:

      “family caps,” a punishment for women who dared to have more than the approved number of children the government would help support... a denial of federal services to legal immigrants, and a major cut in the food stamps program.

      The message was to “find a job” - the curtailing of welfare by Clinton was designed to depress wages of working people:

      “Nationally the average benefit for a workfare job is $381 per month, that works out to $4.40 an hour ... in Mississippi this averages is at $1.81 an hour!

      In the 2000 campaign Gore had promised more of the same - pushing for something called “Welfare Reform 2.”

    Bush, so far, while not doing anything for working, and poor people - has not made any drastic changes, he doesn't need to -there isn't much left to dismantle after Clinton. The budgetary problems at the state level has more to do with the virtual paper wealth tech boom that went bust. And, at the federal level, it has to do with the wars and conflict that Bush and his coconspirators in Congress (blessings of both Repub.. and Demos.) have been all gung ho about.

    There are now 45 million without health care insurance including 8.5 million children with no health care. The Kerry plan would further subsidize health insurance corporations by partially paying the insurance cost of businesses. The plan would barely address the uninsured working and poor people, supposedly the plan would reduce insurance rates by $1000, but rates have gone up by $2600 in the past three years! So where does that leave you and me - i suppose somewhere about two years in the past. Bush, predictably, also has a non-plan.

    Kerry, aside from amassing over $187 million, is pandering to big-business, he boldly announced at a $25,000 a plate breakfast fundraiser, that he is not a “redistributionist Democrat” - he publicly distanced himself from the “mistakes of the Democratic Party of 20, 25 years ago.” ("Kerry Plans Effort to Show He Is a Centrist," New York Times, April 16, 2004.)

    In other words, big corporations need not worry - Kerry will stay the course of keeping the Democratic Party a big-business party, and considers the period when the Democrats were more of a liberal/pro-working people’s party a “mistake.” (!)

    But having said all that, I don’t fault Kerry or the Democratic Party for straying from the course, they have no incentive to focus on issues of concern to a majority of Americans. The big labor unions, along with women’s groups such as NOW, and other so-called “liberal” groups have delivered the Demo. Party endorsements year after year - with practically zero accountability. These groups endorse Democrats regardless of their positions, and have become more of a front group for the party’s machinery.

    The result is all too clear: unions are quickly becoming irrelevant, a bare 12.9% of the workforce belong to unions. These jobs have become prize jobs - with strong health care, and wages 15% higher than nonunion. But along with their free endorsements of Democrats, they’ve also given away their bargaining power, and now have little representation at the local, state, and national levels. Rumblings such as those by the SEIU leader, Andrew Stern questioning this course are quickly quashed. Oh, Kerry has promised an increase of the minimum wage to $7 sometime in 2007!

    The Nader/Camejo platform while calling for a restoration of the social safety net, has put forth a comprehensive plan.

    Summarizing, the platform calls for a Worker’s bill of rights <>, and a single-payer health care plan ...

    This approach is supported by Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP); the American Nurses Association; the U.S. Labor Party; the California Nurses Association; the National Association of Social Workers; the Associations of Physicians Assistants; and the National Association of Midwives, among others.

      But in order for any of this to happen - we must end the mentality that war and violence are the only methods available to resolve conflicts. A comprehensive plan put forward to end the war and occupation can be viewed here.

      The nay sayers who read this election blog will predictably say “Nader can’t win” - well, perhaps not, but if we were to bury ourselves in such a mentality, we’d probably still have slavery in the United States. As Noam Chomsky has said: "If you assume that there's no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, there's a chance you may contribute to making a better world. That's your choice.” (Perhaps Chomsky needs to listen to himself sometimes :-))

      We are talking about electoral politics, if you give away your vote without getting anything in return - you can guarantee that the politicians will have no reason to listen to you - none whatsoever. And the result of this giving away of the progressive vote to militaristic politicians is all too clear - the narrow choice is between “trust me” Bush and “I’ll be stronger and even better” Kerry.

      But there is another choice - to make your voice heard loud and clear - millions of votes for Nader/Camejo will send a strong antiwar, pro-peace message to whoever gets into the White House, and to the world:

      America has had enough of the elites leading us down the road of war and conflict, and we’re ready for a just and peaceful future for ourselves, for our country, and for our planet.

      Kerry and the Mid-East

      If you're still blindly voting ABB this year, remember you get what you pay for!

      Arab News:

      Youssef M. Ibrahim, former Middle East correspondent for the New York Times, and a critic of the US war agenda, couches Kerry’s similarities to Bush in far bleaker terms: “For three years the world fumed over the chauvinism, arrogance and policies of Republican neoconservatives (neocons as they are known) riding over George W. Bush’s administration. They advocated regime changes and wars-of-choice. They dumped the Western alliance, forged even stronger bonds with Israel, dropping the Palestinians altogether, and occupied Iraq.

      “But for those millions, who aspire to better days under a Democratic administration led by Sen. John Kerry, think again. The Democratic Party’s neocon vampires are a lot worse than the current ones — the second movie could be more frightening than the first.”

      Read on...

      Sunday, September 05, 2004

      Kerry Democrats continue their anti-democracy campaigen

      The Kerry Democrats continued their anti-democracy campaigen in their efforts to keep Ralph Nader off the ballots, and deny the American people a choice. They don't have the imagination to do what Michael Moore told them:

      Kerry needs to trust that his victory is only going to happen by inspiring the natural base of the Democratic Party — blacks, working people, women, the poor and young people. Women and people of color make up 62% of this country. That's a big majority. Give them a reason to come out on Nov. 2.

      So, they fall back on anti-democracy - just as their friends over at that "other" party did in Florida...

      Check out this new article by Ralph Nader on the Kerry Democrats (excerpts)

      Parties to Injustice

      Democrats Will Do Anything To Keep Me Off the Ballot

      By Ralph Nader
      Sunday, September 5, 2004

      This summer, swarms of Democratic Party lawyers, propagandists, harassers and assorted operatives have been conducting an unsavory war against my campaign's effort to secure a spot on the presidential ballots in various states.

      ... they are engaging in what can only be called dirty tricks and frivolous lawsuits to keep me and my running mate, Peter Miguel Camejo, off the ballot while draining precious dollars from our campaign chest.

      ... They are using dirty tricks to intimidate citizens.

      That's the way it seemed to a 58-year-old supporter of ours in Oregon. On Aug. 12, 2004, she was at home with her two grandchildren when she answered a knock on her door and found a man and woman who she said began threatening her with jail if there was any false information on the petitions she was collecting for our ballot access.

      These people, who called themselves "investigators," were dispatched by a law firm that has worked extensively with Oregon trade unions that have supported Democratic candidates.

      In many states our signature gatherers have been subjected to similar treatment in what is clearly an orchestrated campaign.

      And some people who merely signed Nader-Camejo petitions have also been pressured. One person in Nevada got a call from someone who urged him to admit that he was tricked into signing our petition. ... A call to the number on the caller ID was answered, "Hello, DNC." We have similar reports from around the country.

      This contemptuous drive is fueled with large amounts of unregulated money, much of it funneled through the National Progress Fund, an ostensibly independent group led by Toby Moffett, a former Democratic congressman who is currently a partner in a largely Republican lobbying firm called the Livingston Group.
      In addition, chair of the Democratic Party of Maine, Dorothy Melanson, testified under oath in a public hearing before Maine's secretary of state last Monday that the national Democratic Party is funding efforts throughout the country to stop Nader-Camejo from appearing on ballots.

      When I talked to Kerry, I cautioned him that if he did not order a stop to the dirty tricks of his Democratic underlings and allies, he may face a mini-Watergate type of scandal.

      Hand it to the Democrats to keep some costs down, though. A contractor they hired in Michigan to make phone calls to check the validity of our tens of thousands of signatures outsourced the work to India.

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