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Saturday, July 24, 2004

10 Ways to become a better Democrat

As the Democrats gather for their convention where the 'anybody but bush' crowd will cheer as they get nothing from Kerry - the liberals and semi-progressives are well on their way to becoming good little Democrats. As a public service - here are 10 ways the Anybody But Bush crowd can become even better Democrats.

If you catch anyone muttering about the fact that Congress - including its many Democrats and John Kerry himself ­ were the ones who placed their stamp of approval on the PATRIOT Act right after September 11th in the first place, tell him or her to shut the hell up and order the authorities to search his or her belongings for any terrorist (or worse, Naderite) paraphernalia. We can't have rabble-rousers ruining democracy. Read more here!

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Withdraws from LGBT 'Unity 2004' Event at Democratic National Convention

The Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GBLT) community is one of the most loyal supporters of the Democratic Party, and are expected to vote in large numbers for Kerry. But even this group is now experiencing the Democratic Party's cold shoulder, as the convention seeks to avoid any and all controversy at any cost (even at the cost of not winning the elections?!!)!

How far does Kerry and company have to move to the right before the "anybody but bush" crowd gets it?!!! Don't waste your vote!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - JULY 21, 2004 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Margaret Cho has been "uninvited" to perform at the Unity 2004 event which is taking place at Avalon, this coming Monday, July 26, around the Democratic National Convention.

a spokesman for the HRC, who cited "a potential media firestorm," and referenced the recent criticism of Whoopi Goldberg's routine at a Kerry fundraiser. Read more here
How is this a Muslim issue? Read this important article on Muslims and Gay marriage.

Nader favors gay marriage, an issue that energizes many liberals but is opposed by the leading Democratic contenders for president. Read more here

Friday, July 23, 2004

Ralph Nader to John Kerry: STOP the harrassment!

In the year 2000 the Democrats moaned and groaned, some even organized, and then gave up the elections to George W. Bush.

Now Kerry's team is engaged in similar anti-democracy practices that they accused the Republicans off...

Why does the Democrat/Republican duopoly fear free choice?

July 23, 2004

John Kerry
John Kerry for President
901 15th Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Senator Kerry:

When we last talked, I indicated to you that your Party underlings are maliciously trying to keep the Nader-Camejo Campaign off the ballot and that you were inviting a mini-Watergate if you do not put a stop to these actions. You told me that there were "some groups you controlled and some you didn't" and you would "look into the situation."

The Nader-Camejo Campaign is particularly concerned about the actions of the Democratic Party to limit the voters choices. In conversations with me, Terry McAuliffe has said he approved of these actions in 19 battleground states! Among the actions taken by the Democrats:

Harassment, threats and abuse of Nader-Camejo petitioners;

Attempting to spoil a ballot access convention in Oregon by sending Democrats in to fill the room and undermine the convention by swelling the numbers and then not signing the petitions;

Using Howard Dean to keep us off the ballot even though on July 9 in a debate with he said: "I refuse to participate in anything like that, because I don't appreciate that. Some of my former staff members are doing that. I told them I wasn't going to have anything to do with them." Yet, when the Nader-Camejo Campaign held ballot access conventions in Oregon Dean, according to reporters, called reporters on both days in order to suppress turnout.

Using state employees, contractors and interns who work for the State of Illinois Democratic Speaker of the House to review and challenge signatures on Nader-Camejo ballot access petitions.

Hiring corporate law firms to harass our ballot efforts on frivolous and technical grounds.

I am writing to once again request that you disavow these actions and tell Democratic Party officials to stop their efforts to keep the Nader-Camejo Campaign off the ballot.

I look forward to your response.


Ralph Nader

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Quote of the Week!

This is the "lesser evil" canidate of the "Anybody but Bush" crowd? This is they guy they are supporting while they malign the anti-war canidacy of Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo?!!! Have these people lost their minds or what?!!

Kerry: Not in the least. I think we have to be in
Iraq. What have I flipped on? I just think we ought
to do it right!

The Bush Kerry/War ticket

***Voting dutifully against Reagan, against Bush I, against Dole, and against Bush II over the past two decades has not brought us better Democratic candidates, only worse Republicans.***

***When it comes to the centerpiece of the Bush presidency -- the invasion and occupation of Iraq -- Kerry is taking a more belligerent line than even Bush himself. On July 16, he told the Wall Street Journal that he would be less likely than Bush to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq anytime soon, and that, if he were elected, the occupation would continue at least through his first term in office.***
Click here for more

Ballot Access: A restriction on democracy

The Democratic Party is going all out to defeat democracy in the US through all kinds of interference to stop Nader/Camejo from getting on the ballot. Four years ago, the Republicans interfered and subverted the democratic process in Florida, now the other corporate party is having a go at subverting democracy. Why does the duopoly fear democracy?!!!

"Republican efforts to get Nader on the ballot may be selfish and hypocritical, but these efforts do enhance the ability of voters to vote freely for the candidate of their choice. On the other hand, Democratic efforts to keep Nader's name off the ballot do interfere with voting rights." Read more here

And click here to sign a petition supporting Nader/Camejo's right to be on the ballot!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Iraqi puppet govt. only rules the capital

And the US has all been but driven out - so why does Kerry want to send more troops?!!! To control an uncontrollable situation? End the occupation!

"Yes, it is a shameful reflection on our invasion of Iraq — let us solemnly remember ‘weapons of mass destruction’ — but it is, above all, a tragedy for the Iraqis. They endured the repulsive Saddam. They endured our shameful UN sanctions. They endured our invasion. And now they must endure the anarchy we call freedom." Read more here

War profiteering - we know about Cheney and Halliburton but what about Edwards?

Is Edwards a "poor man's hero?!!!" Not really, but on this one Nader also got it wrong when he praised the Democrat VP canidate! Thank you Michael Pugliese for the tip!

"During the buildup and aftermath of the Iraq war, Edwards bought and sold stock in several defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, General Electric, British Petroleum, and General Dynamics. " Read more here

Monday, July 19, 2004

Where is Kerry the anti-war hero of the Democrats?!!!!

Why does Kerry, the anti-war hero of the Democrats ,not speak out against the illegal occupation of Iraq, and continued US bombing of the people?

"In his first days after taking office, Allawi was called on to endorse the bombing of an alleged "safe house" in Falluja; an incident that took the lives of 26 Iraqis including women and children. None of the dead were identified as "foreign fighters", although every major newspaper in America reiterated the Pentagon's view that the occupants were colleagues of Abu Musab al Zarqawi." Click here for more

Anybody But Bush or Kerry

Ask yourself a few simple questions. Does your government consider you less of an American than you were four years ago? Did you personally do anything to deserve a demotion to second class citizenship? Did the Democrats stand up for you when your civil rights were assaulted? Did Kerry or Edwards utter a word in your defense?" Click here for full article

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Kerry a Peace Canidate? Check out Edwards The Hawk!

"In September of 2002, in the face of growing public skepticism of the Bush Administration’s calls for an invasion of Iraq, Senator Edwards rushed to their defense in an op-ed article published in the Washington Post. In his commentary, Edwards claimed that Iraq, which had been successfully disarmed several years earlier, was actually “a grave and growing threat” and Congress should therefore “endorse the use of all necessary means to eliminate the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.” Claiming that “our national security requires” that Congress grant President Bush unprecedented war powers, he further insisted that “we must not tie our own hands by requiring Security Council action....”Read More Here!