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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Struggle Continues!

Salaam all - thank you for visiting this blog - over the past three months - tens of thousands of individuals visited us - and thousands more have returned day after day - as we exposed the corrupt Republican/Democrat duopoly. Inshallah, we will continue our struggle - a new blog/website is in the works - and will soon be announced on these pages.

Meanwhile, we will continue updating this blog - so don't go away - lots of exciting news is happening. The duopoly won't be around forever - and sooner than later - we will have a progressive leadership in the United States!

In today's news - check out Donna J. Volatile's great article on the Kerrycats, she writes (excerpts)

It is now the morning after, the morning after, and Kerry supporters should be moving from mourning into anger as the ice cold splash of reality begins to settle in.

Your guy lost, plain and simple but was he really your guy to begin with?

Most of the people who got behind Kerry were people vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq and the use of pre-emptive strikes. Most of you are caring, thoughtful and intelligent people who truly wanted to make a difference. Yet, in mass you got behind a man who didn't represent your ideas and values, a man who couldn't define himself or differentiate himself from his opponent, a man who supported the invasion of Iraq and continued to do so throughout his campaign. Was Kerry really your guy?


We invite all of you back into the fold but understand, we're not among those who want to reinvent the Democratic party. Those days are through. They have proved they aren't worth another minute of our time. Were inviting you into a new world, a better world. This is a place were we the people decide what we want for our country and who should lead us there. We do not accept the lack of choice that has been imposed on our society. We will create our own choices. We have the power to do that. Out with the old worn out two party system: De! mocrats and Republicans, which now clearly resembles the one party, no alternative debacle.

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