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Monday, November 01, 2004

A Principled Vote for Nader Will Prove Muslims’ Real Voting Power

Souheila Al-Jadda writes: (excerpts)

American Muslim groups made a mistake by backing the Democratic candidate Senator John Kerry for President this election.

“What does it mean for Muslim Americans if President Bush is re-elected? It means more constricting laws and policies to curtail the civil liberties of the Muslim Americans, and harsher foreign policies toward Muslim countries - in the name of combating terrorism.”

John Kerry agrees. He says that four more years of President Bush will be “more of the same.” But four years of Kerry will also be “more of the same” for Muslims since both candidates’ positions are virtually identical on the major issues that concern this community—civil liberties, Iraq and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

By supporting John Kerry, the Muslim political community in the United States has once again proven its naiveté about American politics. Kerry has only reluctantly reached out to American Muslim voters. He has not said anything that even remotely addresses their concerns.

American Muslims should not adopt the “anyone-but-Bush” strategy because in four years they may end up saying, “anyone-but-Kerry.”

Muslims should vote for Nader or write him in the ballot based on his principles and positions.

Nader directly addresses the major issues that concern Muslims. He opposes the Patriot Act, describing it as unconstitutional and calling for its repeal. He consistently opposes the war in Iraq, saying he would begin pulling out our troops immediately and bring in United Nations peacekeepers. Finally, rather than completely ignoring the Palestinian-Israeli conflict altogether, Ralph Nader says he opposes the separation wall and the building of illegal settlements.

Whether Bush or Kerry is elected President, American Muslims will have more of the same. But a strong show at the polls and a protest vote for Nader will show both parties that this segment of the voting population is significant and must not be sidelined.

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