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Saturday, October 09, 2004

What If Nader Critics Get What They Demand?

If you cut away the swipes at Nader, his progressive critics actually have some legitimate demands:

1. They don't want Nader voters to swing the election to Bush.

2. Progressives want to be building a movement and therefore don't see the point of Nader running as an independent. And they also prefer a party working on a mix of local and national runs, not just a celebrity running for president.

3. The Democratic Party claims they just want Nader to follow the rules and get on the ballot fairly. Others, while seeing the Democratic Party's self-interest in the matter, just don't see the point of running a campaign that seems little more than a slog against arcane ballot access laws. Ballot access is an important issue, but the resources Nader and company are being forced to expend on it, even if that is the fault of the Democrats, detracts from getting out the progressive political message.

Frankly, I don't think these demands are unreasonable. What if they are met? Read on...