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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Vote for Nader everywhere!

Jeff Taylor writes in counterpunch (excerpts)

3. If Nader wasn't running, would you vote for Kerry?

No. I would not vote for Kerry under any circumstances. I've been familiar with John Forbes Kerry since he was elected to the Senate in the 1980s as an inspiration for all self-satisfied yuppies. Like Bush, Kerry was born into wealth and tapped for Skull & Bones while at Yale. I think Kerry has always been an ambitious and opportunistic politician with a commitment to plutocracy, militarism, and imperialism (despite occasional rhetoric to the contrary). I disagree with Kerry on every major issue of the day. There's no rational reason to vote for a man I neither respect nor agree with. If Nader wasn't on the Minnesota ballot, I would either write-in his name, vote for a different third-party candidate, or not vote at all.

4. Assuming you plan to vote Nader, do you think your vote could help tip the election to Bush by taking a vote from Kerry?

No. I'm not taking a vote from Kerry because voting for Kerry was never a possibility for me. Kerry never had my vote--or the vote of anyone else--in his back pocket. The votes are cast on Election Day. Until that time, they belong to individual voters, not politicians or parties. My one vote is not going to reelect Bush. I'm not going to vote for Bush. If I voted for Bush, I would be morally complicit in his past and future misdeeds. In my case, I'm voting FOR Ralph Nader because he's the best man and I generally agree with him...and AGAINST Bush because he deserves to lose. Kerry also deserves to lose.


It should go without saying that Senator Kerry has supported President Bush in every major policy area during the past few years, including the Iraqi war resolution, No Child Left Behind, Patriot Act, coddling of the Chinese government, and oppression of the Palestinians. Looking to the future, Kerry has promised to "try to" withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of his first term (if circumstances permit). That's quite a promise to those of us who oppose the war!

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