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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The so-called "Debate"

Much is being made of the performance of the two corporate controlled candidates - but beyond the debate over "who won" there has been little of substance in the corporate presses.

Doug Ireland writes:

Neither candidate offered more than sympathetic noises about the desperate need to stop the criminal genocide in the Sudan. Neither Bush nor Kerry offered a single word of condemnation for the ongoing, ten-year Russian colonial war of extermination against Chechnya, in which 300,000 Chechens have already been killed while the U.S. turns a blind eye. And not a single word, either, about Israel-Palestine, let alone about the Wall of Shame.

Kerry reiterated his support for the war over and over. When Lehrer asked him (quoting Kerry’s now-famous Vietnam era testimony before Congress) if America’s sons and daughters are dying in Iraq for a mistake, Kerry’s answer was a resounding “No.” And Kerry’s macho nationalist pandering (evident in his attempt to overcome the Swifties’ TV-ad charges of wimpiness by asserting his policy would be to “kill terrorists”) was palpable when he once again supported the Bush doctrine of first-strike, pre-emptive war. Kerry simply fudged on the question of when he’d bring the troops home.

If Kerry loses this election, history will record that he lost it on the day he voted the Constitution-shredding blank check for war in Iraq. That vote hobbled him, on Thursday night as throughout this campaign, from crystallizing public unease about this iniquitous and illegal war. And that vote allowed Bush to brush away Kerry’s criticisms of the war in Miami as more position-switching.

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