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Thursday, October 14, 2004

On Optimism!

Instead of dwelling over the latest charade known as "the debates" - I am posting an article by Howard Zinn on optimism that folks reading this blog might appreciate. Several of my progressive (and even the not so "progressive") friends have said that they found themselves feeling sick while watching these "debates" - perhaps others are also feeling the same way.

But first, a story: a few days after 9/11/01 a young boy was walking with his Native American grandfather - he asked grandpa about 9/11, and how he felt. Grandpa was silent for several minutes, and then said that he felt that there were two wolves inside of him competing against each other - one wanted revenge, to go on a rampage - enraged...

But there was another wolf who wanted to understand, to be compassionate, and grieve the loss. The boy asked which wolf is going to win? Grandpa said, the one I feed.

This conflict and contrast within grandpa is reflected in Howard Zinn's article:

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