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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Not the final word!

First, those of you voting in states that do not have Ralph Nader on the ballot due to the Democratic Party's undermining of democracy - visit Write In Nader for more info. on how you can vote for Nader/Camejo!

The Kerry/Bush people would like this election to be "the final word" and allow their respective candidates to get away with all kinds of half truths and lies. But the reality is that this election is only the beginning, and regardless of which of these duopolists gets into the white house - our struggle against wars, for civil rights, and justice for all - will continue.

The Kerrycats supporting Kerry don't bother to mention the Patriot Act in their list of issues - well, as we all know by now, Kerry "believes in the Patriot Act."

Back in 1998, when Clinton was intent on bombing Iraq - Kerry also believed in sending in ground troops. And, of-course, he voted for the war - and is on record stating:

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