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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Nader Supporters Around the Nation!


"...A question and answer session was enlivened by a Ralph Nader supporter who held up a mock subpoena summoning Cheney to answer questions on Halliburton, the Houston-based energy and construction company he formerly headed. Democrats have said the Bush administration showed favoritism in giving Halliburton noncompetitive contracts in Iraq and elsewhere.

She was quickly drowned out by shouts of 'four more years' as the crowd rose and she was ushered from the room."


"The Republi-crats don't get it. They're all liars," a Nader supporter shouted. He repeatedly bellowed out "creeps!"


"Albert, 78, a staunch Nader supporter... "They're both equally bad," Albert Prince said. "What they both should do, in my opinion, is admit the war was a mistake and bring the troops home tomorrow."


"Two Ralph Nader supporters waved banners from the second level of the stands - stopping Moore mid-sentence as they yelled: A vote for Nader will get the United States out of the war in Iraq in six months.

Moore began to joke around about the disrupters as police gathered around the banner-wavers.

But when the Nader supporters did not stop screaming, Moore responded, “Would you shut the F--k up!”

New Jersey...

"I'm just going to vote for the best guy," said musician Brett Boye of Atlantic Highlands, who gave $225 to Nader in July.

Several Nader supporters said their stance is not just about backing someone who vehemently opposed the invasion of Iraq and who has butted heads with corporate America. And it's not just because they see little difference in the policy positions of Bush and Kerry.

What motivates some of them is that they want to make it easier for third-party candidates such as Nader to be on the ballot and participate in the presidential debates.

"I don't care about George Bush and John Kerry. What I care about is the future of politics in America," said Kevin Gemmell, a director of a Philadelphia technology consulting firm who lives in Swedesboro. "I just don't feel as though the politicians really are looking at anything but the present election or putting their party in charge."

Kerry "will not pull troops out of Iraq. He will not give us a national health-care system," DeCarlo said. "If people are being lulled into thinking that he is a liberal and humanitarian, they're sadly mistaken."