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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Nader on Chomsky, Zinn, Goodman Et. Al.

Ralph Nader just cleared the political card table, decking our house of cards onto America’s filthy floor. All hands must now be shown.

I highly recommend that readers study the transcript available on, (or video) which has the full Amy Goodman interview with Ralph Nader. The exquisite personal comment that Ralph directs at Progressive’s Hostess With The Mostest—making her emblematic of the average/wanting citizen—is not the only gem. There’s the watershed talk about Chomsky and Zinn putting “a figurative ring in their nose.” And more.

I’m sure that most progressive outlets will not make much of a fuss about Ralph’s historically important characterization of The Left at this juncture...out of habit. But, nonetheless, he’s on the mark. A new mark has been made with our distinguished progressives agreeing to be led by the likes of Kerry. It’s over. There’s officially no more democracy. Read on...