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Friday, October 15, 2004

Local Candidates, part I

There are many local candidates who are running for office this year, and hold values similar to those of the Nader/Camejo 2004 campaign, here are a couple - if you live in the area, vote for these candidates.
If you know people who live in these districts - forward this info. to them!

Also, if you know of others deserving mention on this page, please write to - Thanx!

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Renee Saucedo is a Green Party member running for District 9 Supervisor in San Francisco. Ms. Saucedo spoke at two Nader rallies: July 16 at Mission High, San Francisco (almost 1,000 people attended) and on October 11 at San Francisco State University (where 800 people attended). She is a longtime immigrants rights activist.

Check out Renee Saucedo's web page here

And Pat Driscoll, Green Party member for 5th Congressional district (Sacramento area) spoke at Nader/Camejo event at Davis that drew over 800 people.

Check out Pat Driscoll's web page here