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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Iraqis don't care who "wins" "sham elections."

Several ABBites (anybody butt bush people) have claimed that they want Kerry to win because of the Iraqis, let's have a look at what Iraqis themselves are thinking:

Most Iraqis don't care who wins U.S. election, poll finds (excerpts)

By Nancy A. Youssef

Knight Ridder Newspapers

BAGHDAD, Iraq - While domestic polls find the U.S. presidential
election is too close to call, in Iraq few people are losing sleep
picking between President Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry.

Overwhelmingly, they just don't care.

In a survey of 1,285 Iraqis, 58.6 percent said the American elections
didn't matter to them. Many said the election process was fixed and
that U.S. policy toward Iraq wouldn't change no matter who won.

...people weren't embracing Kerry: "In the end, they regard
the two American guys as people who don't want what's good for the

...the prevailing feeling was that other than a major offensive in
Fallujah, nothing will change after the election. They dismissed the
American election process as a sham.

"Nothing will change," Hatam al-Bawi, 35, a grocery shop owner. "I
don't think Kerry will win. They have him there standing next to Bush
just to show they are a democracy."