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Monday, October 18, 2004

How Kerry outguns Bush!

Joshua Frank writes (excerpts)

It may seem inconceivable to some, but John Kerry is indeed out-hawking George W. Bush this election season. No doubt we should have seen it coming as the Democratic National Convention was nothing more than a glorified war parade, where Kerry floated on by and reprehensibly announced that he was “reporting for duty.”

William Safire, the conservative columnist for the New York Times on October 4 opined that Kerry is the “newest neo-conservative” and went as far as to say that Kerry is even “more hawkish than President Bush.”

Kerry wants to show voters that he will be tough on terror, I assume, and he is doing so by defending Bush’s pre-emptive doctrine. “The president always has the right, and always has had the right, for preemptive strike. That was a great doctrine throughout the Cold War. And it was always one of the things we argued about with respect to arms control.”

So much for options. Now lefty voters are being told that we have to vote for a pro-war candidate. There is no choice. Period. That makes me wonder: What ever happened to the anti-war movement anyway? You’d think they’d raise some hell over Kerry’s hawkish pose on Iraq. Maybe these seasoned activists are on a nice vacation, or out campaigning for Kerry. Talk about hypocrites.

Save his short burst of anti-war heroism upon his return. The guy has always been a hawk.

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