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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Demanding nothing off Kerry

The Nader-Camejo campaign has concluded that support for Kerry – 

including those who actively support the orchestrated slander and
anti-ballot attack against Nader by United Progressives – was
unconditional except, perhaps, to be someone other than Bush – the
mantra being – Anybody But Bush, leave Kerry alone, do not make any
demands on him.

“The failure of progressives to demand something of Senator Kerry has
made John Kerry a weaker candidate. Rather than being pulled in the
direction of issues supported by the American public – like a full-time
workers earning a wage they and their families can live on, health care
for all now, a responsible withdrawal from Iraq and making corporations
clean-up their environmental mess – the Kerry-Edwards campaign has only
been pulled in the direction of big business interests,” said Nader.
“Kerry has become a weaker candidate because of the unconditional
surrender of progressives to pulling him away from corporate