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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Costner for Nader!

"God bless Ralph Nader. I think he’s a true patriot."

The following remarks by Kevin Costner, in support of Ralph Nader, originally broadcast on Real Time with Bill Maher , Friday, October 29, HBO (please note that the points of ellipsis indicate not an omission but a pause or hesitation).

The panel members for the broadcast were as follows:

Richard Belzer

General Wesley Clark

Kevin Costner

Bill Maher

Costner: I would say this. The war is what it is. If John Kerry wants to separate himself from these two points that seemingly divide him on these imaginary polls that I think everybody is sick of—but there’s two points that somebody’s vying for. If he wants to leap past those two points he needs to talk to us just the same way that Ralph Nader talks to us. And God bless Ralph Nader. I think he’s a true patriot, and somehow he’s been rendered in a way that makes him seem foolish. He’s like Lincolnesque because he’s not the most handsome guy. I think this guy’s mesmerizing and I think he’s on target . . .

Belzer: Will you vote for him?

Costner: Would I vote for him? I might. If I have the balls I might vote for him, yeah.

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