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Friday, October 01, 2004

Barack Obama update: The hawk from Illinois

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Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki, Japan, August 9th, 1945

In a previous blog entry - it was pointed out how Barack Obama the guy many liberals are swooning over, is funded by big money corporations and their lawyers. Now we learn that this liberal favorite has called for attacks on Iran and Pakistan (if they should fail to bow towards US demands).

Tom Mackaman writes:

In an interview with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune published September 26, Democratic Senate candidate Barack Obama said he would favor the use of “surgical” missile strikes against Iran if it failed to bow to Washington’s demand that it eliminate its nuclear energy program. Obama also said that, in the event of a coup that removed the Musharraf regime in Pakistan, the US should attack that nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Obama’s statements underscore the Democratic Party’s acceptance in principle of the “Bush Doctrine” of preventive war—a doctrine that contravenes international law and provides a rationale for US military interventions against any country deemed an obstacle to US imperialist interests around the world.

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David Peterson, a Chicago area writer and researcher says in his blog:

...we find in the next U.S. Senator from the State of Illinois is a man who is very much a creature of American Power; who regards America’s threat or use of violence not to be inherently menacing or problematic, but rather potentially good and just and necessary for the advancement of God-only-knows what kind of world order;

From my point of view, someone who takes the positions that Barack Obama expressed to the Chicago Tribune during last Friday’s meeting with its editorial board is unfit to serve in any high office of a state as powerful, as dangerous, and as menacing to the rest of the world as the United States is today.

Come the first Tuesday in November, Obama will win one of Illinois’ two seats in the U.S. Senate by a landslide.

God help the world.

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Maybe the liberal hawks think this is a good idea: provoking a nuclear attack from Pakistan and/or Iran... people say Bush is going to lead us to the end of the world ... well, we got a lot more to worry about, in case the "anybody but bush" crowd has still not figured it out!

Barack Obama, however, is not alone in expressing these outrageous neo-conservative ideas: Kerry, that other Democrat said in a January debate:

"We should have taken the initiative long ago, recognizing the Islamic realities in Pakistan, to have worked with India to create a nuclear oversight capacity so that if there were an assassination or there were an overthrow, we know that the nuclear weapons can't fall in the hands of terrorists." (Democratic debate, January 6, 2004)

So, there you have it - hand over Pakistan's nuclear facilities to India! And why? Because of Pakistan's "Islamic realities" - apparently Kerry and Obama have no problem with India or other nuclear countries - the problem for them is Islam.

Fortunately for Muslims, and all those who seek peace and justice, we have an alternative this year: