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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Against Kerry

Norman Madarasz, Ph.D., is a Canadian philosopher residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil writes:

As a Senator, John Kerry never distinguished himself by opposing what has been an essentially war-mongering Senate, whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans. This is why the problem with the US government is as much the Senate as the Presidency.

There is nothing “vague” about the candidate’s positions. It’s just a matter of opening one’s eyes—and preventing them from being shut. In the best of worlds, Kerry would have proven his worth by engaging Bush only in indirect battle over Iraq. Instead, he suggested escalating the war on terror until some supposed victory is achieved.

America’s poor have no active voice by which to bolster their vote. In addition to losing political and purchasing power, most Americans have also lost the right to a representation-form that deals with the most basic necessity of their lives: their jobs. Today, trade union representation in the United States is not merely a dirty word; In many industry sectors it has all but become illegal. Why would the disenfranchised then want to participate in a process that strips them of their most basic rights?

As for the tiring question of Ralph Nader stealing votes from Kerry, it’s simply that Kerry has not catered to Nader’s voters. Judging by his campaign, it often seems as though Kerry’s task has been to avoid them outright. What’s most likely is that many Americans will simply skip the elections instead of voting for an impostor. This is the presidential election’s greatest failure.

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