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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Why vote for Nader if he won’t win?

"FOR MANY people who agree with Ralph Nader on the issues, there’s still a nagging doubt about whether a vote for his independent presidential campaign is wasted. After all, Nader can’t win the 2004 election. And if he can’t win right now, goes the argument, why vote for him? More to the point, why not vote for John Kerry, as a short-term measure that would at least get George Bush off our necks for the next four years?

John Kerry may support the occupation of Iraq and Israel’s occupation of Palestine. He may have voted for the USA PATRIOT Act. But since Nader won’t beat Bush or Kerry, doesn’t it make sense to vote for the "lesser evil" Democrat and then start protesting the day after the elections?

Our answer is no--whether the question is looked at in the short term or the long term. To begin with, progressive support for John Kerry--and the complicity of many leading left voices in the Democrats’ all-out war on Nader--is doing damage right now to the left. Read on...