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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Vote Nader to Effect Change

Daily Californian:

As we approach the most important election of our lives (which is what everyone seems to be calling it), we students should remember that one candidate:

• Supports the invasion of Iraq and the continuing occupation, and wants to send more young men and women there to get the job done right, adding to the looming specter of the draft;

• Only wants minor revisions to the Patriot Act, which allows the authorities to snoop through our student records, check up on what we’ve been reading in the library, and spy on international students;

• Opposes the right of some of us to marry the person we love, depending on if that person is the same sex or not;

• Wants to continue to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the military and corporate tax breaks while our tuition skyrockets and services are cut;

• Fully supports Israel’s continued brutal repression of the Palestinian people, including the Apartheid wall.

His opponent, of course, is George W. Bush.

Fellow students, we’ve been duped. We’ve been told our entire lives that the Democratic Party represents us. Unlike the evil, fire-breathing Republicans, the Democrats don’t want to send us off to war, want more money for education, actually care about the environment, and all the rest.

Unfortunately, none of this reflects reality in any serious way.

Fundamentally, John Kerry represents the same people as George W. Bush. He may do it in a different way, and he certainly does it with different rhetoric, but warmongers and bigots with smiley faces and comforting slogans are still warmongers and bigots.

The vast majority of people who vote for Kerry come November are not either of these things. They are voting for him not because they agree with him, but because, understandably, they see it as a vote against Bush, not a vote for Kerry.

There is an alternative this fall, though, and you may have heard of him.

With Ralph Nader running for president, we have an opportunity to vote for someone with whom we agree. We can cast a vote against Bush, the war, the anti-gay marriage bigotry, the tuition hikes, the draft, the racist scapegoating—and we can do it at the same time that we vote for more money for education, a living wage, national health care, and so much more. READ ON...