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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A victory in Iraq?!!!

The so-called Democratic Party "opposition" to the Bush agenda is now talking about a "victory in Iraq" ! Exactly what kind of a victory do they want?!

Kerry's nattering on the campaign trail is getting increasingly incoherent. Just this week the Massachusetts senator was expounding "victory in Iraq" in his most pompous baritone.

Are we looking for a more skillful diplomat to prolong the killing, to subjugate the Iraqi people and to enshrine "unprovoked aggression" as the cornerstone of American foreign policy?

Are we willing to trade a bungler and a braggart for a stentorian, flannel-mouth who can disguise criminality as "humanitarian intervention"?

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The Nader/Camejo platform includes a comprehensive plan for withdrawl from Iraq that would include:

Development of an appropriate international peace-keeping force: Under the auspices of the United Nations an international peace keeping force, from neutral nations with such experience and from Islamic countries, should be assembled immediately to replace all US troops and civilian military contractors

Support Iraqi self rule and free and fair elections: Free and fair elections should be held as soon as possible under international supervision so democratic self-rule can be put in place in Iraq. This will allow Iraq to develop legitimate self-government that will be able to provide for its own security.

The US should provide humanitarian aid to Iraq to rebuild its infrastructure: The US invasion of Iraq and the long-term US-led economic sanctions against Iraqi civilians resulted in tremendous damage to people, their children and the Iraqi infrastructure.

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There are no other options for the United States at this time - a continuation of occupation of Iraq will lead to more US soldiers getting killed, and many times more Iraqis. A vote for Nader/Camejo is a vote for a peace, and an end to this horrible occupation.