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Sunday, September 19, 2004


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Abolitionist Sojurner Truth

While much of the Anybody but Bush crowd continue their Nader/Camejo bashing - the campaign keeps on going with a perseverance (Muslims might consider the Quranic word sabr) - that is exemplary.

Greg Bates lists just a few of the important victories so far:

1. Had a string of small victories from debating Dean, to pushing for electoral reform, to pressuring Kerry and ratcheting up the attack on Bush. Then Nader helped to fundamentally alter the political landscape by accomplishing the following:

2. Created a widely accepted distinction between voting in swing and safe states;

3. Shown the importance of running in swing states, a fact separate from what voters in those states choose to do;

4. By example egged on the Green Party to get in the harness and run;

5. Exposed John Kerry for who he is and helped make criticism of his policies a pervasive part of political discourse;

6. Exposed Democratic leaders' opposition to democracy by showing they want to limit voter choice-and in the process revealed how little faith Democrats have in their candidate's ability to win an election by appealing to the voters;

7. By showing that the Democrats are losing constituents as the party moves right, Nader is helping to ignite reform efforts inside the Democratic Party that are taking place after the primaries;

8. And has stood his ground until some of his critics shifted focus to pursuing goals he shared.

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To the above we also add that Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo have brought to the forefront the important issues of Palestine, the war, and civil rights for all, but especially Arab and Muslim Americans.

These issues would have not been raised because of the failed strategy of "anybody but bush" that chose silence and support of a war candidate over a peace candidate.

Thank you Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo, and all those participating in this important campaign for peace and justice!