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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Truth About Democratic Operatives

The Institute for Public Accuracy issued the statement: "Ballot Access Obstruction by Democratic Operatives," part of a four-volume work on third-parties by Darcy Richardson.

Richardson said today: "While pro-Bush forces helping independent candidate Ralph Nader get on the ballot have garnered headlines -- most recently with lawyers in Florida representing Nader and the Reform Party who argued on behalf of Bush during the 2000 election fiasco -- another important story is how pro-Kerry forces are blocking Nader from getting on the ballot across the country.

These efforts are unparalleled in U.S. history and should gravely concern anyone who cares about the future of open politics in this country. The methods employed by the Democrats this year are far worse than any tactics used against the Progressive Party's Henry A. Wallace in 1948 or against Eugene J. McCarthy, who waged a forlorn independent bid for the White House in 1976. "

Democrats have hit an all time low. Republicans have mastered the art of not getting your vote to count and Democrats have become Zen masters at not allowing you to cast your vote at all.

...Never has a 1-2 punch hurt so much...

A great deal of progressives have been unable to uphold the 'good fight' as they've contracted a mysterious illness known as ABB syndrome. It's insidious, entering the hearts and conscience of progressives -- shutting down the brain to abstract thought. As anti-democratic operatives destroy civil liberties like falling dominoes, ABB infected flock 'Move On' conveyor belts into a slaughterhouse once reserved for mad cows.

Even Nixon play-book pledge Toby Moffett is shocked at the ease in stifling dissent:

"Many of the legal challenges filed by the Democrats this summer have been simply frivolous in nature, deliberately designed to harass the consumer activist and drain his campaign's dwindling resources. Former Democratic congressman Toby Moffett, a corporate lobbyist in D.C. and co-founder of something called Ballot Project, Inc. was quoted in the Washington Post : 'We wanted to neutralize [Nader's] campaign by forcing him to spend money and resources defending these things. But much to our astonishment we've actually been more successful than we thought we'd be in stopping him from getting on at all.' [See: ]

"The Post reported that 'Moffett says his group has raised about $100,000 to fight Nader and is relying on pro bono work from lawyers across the country who have contributed up to $2 million worth of labor.' Nader's campaign, on the other hand, has barely raised $1.5 million for the entire campaign -- compared to $239.8 million raised for Bush and $210.7 million for Kerry -- and, understandably, hasn't had the resources to effectively counter all of the legal challenges confronting them during the past few months."

Moffett must be quite proud. Out spending the entire Nader/Camejo campaign with an ice-burg tip of DNC dirty money - the intent - keeping Nader/Camejo from spending resources on getting the issues that really matter to the public. Issues that are more important than a few swing-state voters. Issues that encompass the entire world - a world subjugated to US unilateralism...

"While pro-Bush groups can be legitimately criticized for trying to assist Nader's ballot access drives in Oregon, Michigan, Florida and elsewhere, the efforts of the pro-Kerry forces potentially disenfranchise millions of voters this autumn by denying them a viable alternative to the two major parties and are a far cry from the 'count every vote' mantra echoed by these same Democrats four years ago in the wake of the Florida voting debacle."

"Democratic efforts to knock Nader off the ballot this year are unprecedented, but major party interference in third-party presidential campaigns is hardly a new phenomenon..." (full)
Nader/Camejo are picking up steam... embarrassing the dirty DNC in Florida, Colorado, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Mexico (pending)... Where are the real issues? Nader has declared this week's focus on the corporate crime wave within big business... stay tuned...