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Friday, September 24, 2004

some progressives abandon cause

The "anybody but bush, or nobody but kerry" candidate is in trouble, the polls are showing he is behind Bush (in more ways than one :-)) - some progressives are abandoing their own cause to get behind the guy who is behind Bush.

Joshua Frank writes in Counterpunch:

As the left sinks deeper in its own self-created muck, don't look for the stalwarts of progressive action, like Benjamin and Solomon, to pull us out. Indeed they are working hard to keep us down by campaigning for Kerry in the only states that can force the Democrats to deal with progressive issues. It is sad indeed when members of your own team forfeit the game at crunch time. Nevertheless, it is not entirely their faults -- they unfortunately have fallen victim to the very fear they are now spreading. It's contagious. Watch out.

Those of us who are involved in this movement understand that Bush is part of the problem, but to assume that he is the Great Evil - is to mirror the fear mongering that both the Demos. and Repubs. are creating to keep progressives under their control. It is unfortuante that some progressives have fallen for this kind of faulty reasoning, and are now campaigning for a guy who even Michael Moore has called a "lousy candidate."