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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Peter Camejo Welcomes Muslims

In 2000, the American Muslim Association contributed $50,000 to Hillary Clinton. She was pressured by her constituents and the money was returned. Next, the AMA donated it to Bush... again, it was returned...

...2004 - The AMA is hesitant to endorse Kerry because he supports unjust war, the USA Patriot Act, (Kerry's proud he & Edwards drafted part of it) and Israel, no matter what they do. Kerry never states the Iraq war war illegal as Kofi Annan has -- he insists he would have out-done Bush, delivering the nations oil to his handlers at a speedier rate...

Nader/Camejo is a perfect fit for Muslims... We couldn't have dreamed up better candidates.

...The one and only thing keeping the AMA from formally endorsing Nader/Camejo is "electability."

What's not the reason?

Not treating Muslims like social pariahs, as the Demos and GOP have done -- returning their contributions while keeping those from AIPAC. (even as they spy) Not for speaking at AMA & CAIR on many occasions. (Including Sep. 25th with Camejo in Orlando, FL) Not for standing up for Palestine like no other candidate. Not for openly rejecting the USA Patriot Act, stating Muslims deserve their full-rights. Not for openly declaring an end to unjust war! Not for openly attacking the 'War on Terror' as a hoax to instill politics of fear.

Nader/Camejo's principled stand trump "Electability" because Kerry is as un-electable as Bush.

If the AMA backs Kerry, they're defeating Bush, but not the 'handlers' of Bush who will remain. Many Muslims preferred the friendly face of Bill Clinton, even as his sanctions on Iraq killed over 1 million children.

Peter Camjeo has very different thoughts about Muslim support. From his interview with the Boston Phoenix:

Q: What about accusations that Republicans are funding the campaign?

Peter Camejo: Democrats have decided that’s their theme now. That’s what they’re going to say about Nader. We have gotten four percent of our money from registered Republicans. What’s amazing about that is we expect our vote to be 25 percent — as it was in the year 2000 — from Republicans. You know why that’s so large? Because in the Muslim community, that’s a complete shift. They endorsed Bush last time. And now Bush is at two percent in the Muslim community. Nader’s at 26. So there’s going to be a mass of registered Republicans who no longer will vote for Bush, but will not vote for Kerry. And when these articles come out about Republicans sending us money, it’s almost always Arab names.
Full Interview...

I for one am glad Camejo and Nader will stand up for us. Now it's time we stand up for ourselves...