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Thursday, September 02, 2004

On those who did not protest in New York...

Protestors on arrested in New York City, on August 31st, 2004.

No doubt the protests in New York were very significant, in size, and in bringing together people from all different parts of the United States. Still, one has to wonder about the ABB people who were wearing Kerry buttons on top of their anti-war T-shirts! Could it be that they simply do not know that
Kerry is no peace candidate, that he has stated that he is for the invasion of Iraq?

Josh Frank discusses the issue of the protests being mostly (but by no means entirely) a White affair:

As I watched these protesters amass, however, I noticed something peculiar. Most fellow Williamsburgers (Brooklyn, New York) on the street seemed unconcerned that George W. Bush was using their city to host the Republican National Convention. They didn't give a shit that Bush was about to exploit the tragedy of September 11 to promote his re-election campaign. They were not angered by the whole charade. Not in the least.

At first I was perplexed. "Why aren't these people, poor black and Latino minorities, on the front-lines raging against Bush and his band of thugs? They certainly have ample reason." I thought. "In fact they have more reasons then these twenty-something's, myself included, who will forever have the gift of white skin as a saving social grace. Why the overt political apathy?"

But then it hit me. The truth is these folks don't see a point in protesting only one sect of the ruling elite while ignoring the other -- their problems are systemic, and yes, bipartisan in origin. Bush is only a symbolic figure head of a corrupt corporatized state. They don't need C. Wright Mills to point it out. They witness it daily.

They know it was Bill Clinton who signed welfare reform. Not Bush. They know it was Clinton who cut Pell-Grants and raped the federal education funds, making it harder for these people to dig their way out of entrenched poverty. It is Democrat John Kerry who wants to put more cops on the streets to crack some minority heads -- which will inevitably send more non-violent individuals from poor neighborhoods like South Williamsburg into the prison industrial system. These poor Americans have few, if any, allies in Washington. They're votes are typically ignored if even counted, and the presidential aspirants like Kerry rarely speak to their needs -- even if Kerry's Veep Edwards smiles his way through his "Two-America's" speech. These folks aren't biting. Read more here

This, of-course, is a serious problem of the way Anybody But Bush syndrome manifests itself. By ignoring the sytemic, and focusing on the individual demonized Bush, it becomes very difficult to seriously talk to people who have been directly impacted by war, and corporatization of our democracy.

And this is the key strength of the Nader/Camejo campaigen - we place no artificial restrictions on ourselves that would prevent a clear and critical eye on both the corporate war parties.