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Monday, September 13, 2004

Nader back in Florida!

Scott Maddox you son of a Kabullah. You dug deep into your dirty-money-coffers to fight our man Nader's access to voters in the state of Florida. Maybe you should get out of bed with the GOP before going Jim Crow on Ralph... You could have gotten Bush of the ballot... LEGALLY!!!
(but lets not anger Karl Rove...)

Miami Herald:

Ralph Nader is back.

Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood put the consumer crusader back on Florida's presidential ballot this afternoon.

A state judge had temporarily booted Nader off the ballot last week, but that decision is under appeal and Hood moved today to appeal the temporary injunction -- in effect staying the judge's order.

In a letter to elections supervisors, state elections director Dawn Roberts said she was forced to act because of uncertainty surrounding when the courts will decide, given the impending approach of Hurricane Ivan. And she noted, supervisors must postmark overseas ballots by Saturday.

''This action is taken to bring about a final resolution as quickly as possible,'' Roberts told elections supervisors, noting that although the courts may not reach a final decision soon, ``at the moment at which you must make a final determination to meet your printing deadlines you should proceed with printing the ballot as certified by the department at that time.''

Attorneys for the Democrats were seeking an emergency hearing late Monday to have Hood's order dissolved.