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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The meaning of your vote

When you vote for Kerry (or Bush) you are voting for 40K more troops in Iraq, and stregnthening the Patriot Act.

Richard Moreno writes in Left Hook

So when you hear people argue for you to vote for Kerry, since it is ostensibly a vote for the lesser evil, you should realize that you are being asked to give Kerry your mandate--and that, if elected, whatever he does from the time you vote for him will be done in your name and with your consent. Hence, when Kerry puts 40 thousand more troops into Iraq as he has vowed, or when Kerry increases defense spending while eroding labor laws, or when Kerry implements draconian Patriot Act legislation that he himself helped enact, it will all be accomplished with your mandate. You should always bear this in mind when some former leftist personality urges you to vote Bush lite.

In synthesis, we all share the responsibility as citizens of the most powerful country on earth to ensure that this administration does not act recklessly in our names and with our approval, that is, with our mandate.

This November for your family, for your name, for your country,