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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Life Long Activist Turns Efforts to Nader!

Portland Press Herald Writer

Mary Hillery has always joined causes. As a college student, she demonstrated against the Vietnam War, and later took to the streets to support women's rights.

This year, her cause is the transformation of American democracy, and her activism is focused on the presidential candidacy of Ralph Nader.

Hillery, 57, lives in Arrowsic, and works as a nurse practitioner in a family planning clinic. She has two sons in their 20s.

Hillery said she is a firm believer in direct political activism as the best way to bring about change.

"Mass mobilizations are the way to tell the government that they have to change," she said. "It works. We did it (in the '60s) and it finally ended the war in Vietnam."

Hillery took a break from work Wednesday to explain why she is involved in Nader's Maine campaign.

Q: Why Nader? He can't win, can he?

A: I believe that there is no choice. He has the only platform that says 'U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan, now.' He is also the best on workers' issues. I am voting for what I believe in, even if he's not going to be elected president. I refuse to vote for what I don't want and then get it for another four years.

Q: Doesn't your vote for Nader help re-elect President Bush?

A: I think Kerry is helping Bush by running such a low-profile campaign. He's more like a Republican than the Republicans. He would have to differentiate himself from Bush if he wants to win.

Q: Does Nader take votes away from Kerry?

A: I don't think so. A lot of people who vote for Nader are voting against the two-party system. If Nader wasn't on the ballot, those votes would not go to Kerry. Certainly not in my case. If Nader wasn't on the ballot, I wouldn't vote for president, or I'd write Nader in.

Q: Does your support for Nader get any negative reaction from friends?

A: Oh yeah, I love it! I love to talk politics. A lot of people are afraid that Bush is going to be re-elected, but you know what? I've been told to vote for the lesser of two evils every election since I first started voting, and that was in 1968 . . . (People say) your vote won't count, but I don't look at it that way. In the last election, 50 percent of the people didn't vote and that is much more significant than the votes for Nader. Those people are not just sitting home and watching TV, they're are thinking about it and deciding not to vote.

Q: What does that tell you?

A: There are not enough choices. It's not going to knock the country out of balance if we have more that two candidates for president . . . We have six different kinds of Coke, I don't see why we can't have more than two choices for president.

Q: What are you going to do for the campaign?

A: (Nader's running mate) Peter Camejo is coming to Maine and I'm working on publicizing that.

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