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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Letters to the LA Times:

Re "Israel's Albatross: U.S. Neocons," Commentary, Aug. 30: Robert Scheer is correct in finding the Jewish neocons in the Bush administration dangerous not only for peace but for the state of Israel. The workings of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on behalf of the Likud Party in Israel constitute something like "dual loyalty." They will claim their critics are anti-Semites, but the neocons are adept at lies and deceptions. It is the neocons we should thank for the disaster in Iraq, them and Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, who are using Israel for their own nefarious purposes.

John Kerry is no bargain, but he is better than Bush. One only hopes he too is not a puppet of AIPAC. At least Ralph Nader is clearly not.

Norman Ravitch


Savannah, Ga.

Among the many important issues we won't hear about during this presidential campaign is the Israeli-Palestinian situation. The only one with the courage to bring it up is Ralph Nader. It might help to know that we spend 10 times as much on Israel as we spend on the entire continent of Africa.

Jerry Schaefer

Long Beach

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