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Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Kerry melt down: The fish stinks from the head

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While the Anybody but Bush crowd, and their cronies in the Democratic Part are busy subverting the Nader/Camejo campaign - guess who they forgot all about? Kerry seems to keep on going down and down and down... even ultra loyal Democrats such as Jesse Jackson are growling at Kerry, things must be really bad:

on CNN's Inside Politics, Jesse Jackson delivered a blistering attack on the Kerry campaign for running away from the Democratic base and the issues it cares about.

Jesse sneered at the inadequacy of the Kerry campaign's much-publicized "shakeup" and its whitebread, retread Clintonista imports, snarling that "it can't be just a vanilla shake." (Jesse's comments were notable for the vehemence of his tone and rhetoric,

And check out the big huge corporations running Kerry's campaign (you really think they care a hoot about you?)

... the lobbyist who has the most clout within the Kerry campaign is the candidate's own brother, Cameron. Cam Kerry's Boston law-lobbying shop -- Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo -- advertises communications law among its areas of expertise and lobbies on behalf of wireless-industry clients such as AT&T Wireless Service, XO Communications Inc. and the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association

<>Ultimately, though, the old Sicilian saying has never been truer than as a diagnosis
of what's wrong with the Kerry campaign: the fish stinks from the head.

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