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Monday, September 06, 2004

Kerry and the Mid-East

If you're still blindly voting ABB this year, remember you get what you pay for!

Arab News:

Youssef M. Ibrahim, former Middle East correspondent for the New York Times, and a critic of the US war agenda, couches Kerry’s similarities to Bush in far bleaker terms: “For three years the world fumed over the chauvinism, arrogance and policies of Republican neoconservatives (neocons as they are known) riding over George W. Bush’s administration. They advocated regime changes and wars-of-choice. They dumped the Western alliance, forged even stronger bonds with Israel, dropping the Palestinians altogether, and occupied Iraq.

“But for those millions, who aspire to better days under a Democratic administration led by Sen. John Kerry, think again. The Democratic Party’s neocon vampires are a lot worse than the current ones — the second movie could be more frightening than the first.”

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