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Friday, September 10, 2004

Kerry and civil liberties: A nonstarter!

Kerry: The 5% candidate

Kerry would keep 95% of the Patriot Act, and stregnthen the rest!

The Patriot Act is considered by civil rights groups a violation of the US constitution. But the Patriot Act did not begin with Bush/Ashcroft, infact the groundwork was laid by the Democratic administration of Bill Clinton - this was the 1996 antiterrorism bill that included the secret evidence rule

Kerry not only voted for the Bush Patriot Act, he also voted for the Clinton Act - and, as the ACLU has pointed out:

Virtually every recent secret evidence case that has come to public attention involves a Muslim or an Arab.

The ACLU document includes examples of how innocent Muslims and Arabs were kept in solitary confinement for years.

There is some talk amongst some Muslims that Kerry will allow some “provisions to sunset.” But this is totally contrary to Kerry’s own campaign literature (pdf) that states:

KEEP 95 PERCENT OF PROVISIONS. Kerry supports and would retain over 95% of the approximately 140 provisions in the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act gave law enforcement some important new tools after 9/11, and John Kerry believes we must keep over 95 percent of the provisions.

And the 5%? Well, these deal with library record searches, and “real proof” before doing sneak and peek searches (the literature does not talk about court orders being required before these searches, only "real proof")! But Kerry would not allow these provisions to "sunset" rather, he would "stregnthen them"

we should preserve over 95 percent of the Act and make improvements on the rest to strengthen the war on terrorism.

The CRITICAL issue of concern for Muslims and Arabs with regards to the Patriot act is that people can be jailed on mere suspicion, denied readmission to the US - if they’ve engaged in free speech. And “suspects” can be detained indefinitely, again, on mere suspicion. These provisions of the Patriot Act are not going to be allowed to sunset under Kerry.
t is interesting to note that this particular piece was made in response to the Republicans charging that Kerry is soft - so, he comes out with Me Too statement - I’m as tough as you guys, only tougher!

The Nader/Camejo campaign has an excellent policy statement titled: Civil Rights for Muslims and Arabs this includes:

Passage of the End Racial Profiling Act, championed by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. in the House and Senator Russell Feingold in the Senate, that would dissuade law enforcement from engaging in profiling by requiring collection of race data, and providing legal options to victims of racial profiling.


Oppose the extension of provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act that are set to expire in 2005
Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo are the ones calling for the Patriot Act to sunset - NOT Kerry!

Also Wednesday, September 8th, Nativo Lopez, the president of MAPA - one of the oldest and largest Mexican American political groups, left the Democratic Party - and joined the Greens.
Lopez said:

"We are no better off than a generation ago. The Democrats have not helped us. This needs to change," said Lopez, who added he is planning joint voter registration efforts with the Green Party, and expects MAPA to endorse Green candidates.

"The two major parties say they believe in capitalism, but they do notwant competition in politics. The big corporate dollars have helped theparties to lock up the districts...they do not want to wake the Latinovoter up because they are afraid we will change the system," said Lopez

As Bob Dylan once sang:
And the first one now

Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.