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Friday, September 10, 2004

A Juma with the Muslim Vote

Today at Juma I was decked out.

Proudly wearing my "Vote Peace - End War" avocado green button - my pockets loaded with freshly printed business cards reading: "Nader/Camejo - the only candidate that supports - Full Withdrawal from Iraq! - Palestinian Rights! - Ending the Patriot Act!"

I shook the hands of brother and sisters, greeting them with Salaams, asking them if they are going to vote, had they heard of Mr. Nader... I assured them "you know the guy, he put seat-belts in your car." Some replied "who cares? I don't care? What do I care about seat-belts, I hate Bush!" Others replied "Oh, I know this Nader guy, he's liberal, I like this guy!"

Some just looked at me funny thinking, why is this brother enthused about voting, much less for a guy garnering 2-5% of the popular vote? What they don't know is Mr. Nader and Mr. Camejo poll at a rate 10x higher among Muslim voters - at between 20-35% respectively. He's a candidate with genuine respect for Muslims, Arab-American himself, he's even Arabic speaking. He's consistently raised issues Muslims are most affected by, namely war, occupation, and civil liberties. He's great on domestic issues too, the environment, health-care, and worker's rights. He's the real deal.

The difficulty in talking politics with Muslim brothers and sisters, depends on their backgrounds. I met an Egyptian, 30 year US Citizen - has never considered voting. The reason? In Egypt your vote may count against you some years later, when they're looking for prisoners of conscience. Say you vote for X and dictator Y throws a coup. He's checking voter roles for any supporters of X. If that's you... better run. His fears have transfered into the the US, but it's been broken by his son, who will vote in 2004. Those that grow up in the US learn one open-secret... The system works... If you don't like 'em --- VOTE 'EM OUT!!! This got Jimmy Carter in office... and later out of office...

A great many Muslims have been struck by ANYBODY-BUT-BUSH SYNDROME. (ABB) Maybe we can get Bristol Meyers and Pfizer a juicy government subsidy to create a drug for this insidious plague - infecting the hearts and conscience of citizens all across the land.

I ask you as Muslims... Is there really a such thing as a lesser of two evils?

Is booze less evil that pork? Is Murder more evil than rape?

I ask you if Clinton/Gore sanctions that killed 1 million Iraqi children is less or more evil than Bush's invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan?

Can the case be made Kerry is less evil than Bush? Evil is evil and must always be rid. At no time should Muslims accept a 'lesser evil' ---unless there is no other alternative.

But there is an alternative brother and sisters. Ralph Nader...Peter Camejo. The best of the 3, not the lesser of 2. I will not choose either haram. I will choose halal...Allah willing...

Nader/Camejo will speak before 9 Muslim groups on Sept. 25th in Orlando, Florida - sponsored by American Muslim Association. Might I add - the same AMA that donated $50,000 to Sen. Clinton, only to have the money returned - Excerpt from 2000 elections:

"Since the 1950s in Alabama, we haven't seen a situation where an entire group of voters become disenfranchised during a campaign," said Jim Zogby, director of the Arab-American Institute in Washington. "In an election as close as this, where everyone else is being courted, [Arab voters] are being told, 'We don't care how close it is, we don't need or want your support.'"
Nader's speech to CIAR in July can be viewed here. During the speech, his comments about the 'Israeli Puppeteer' in Washington caused quite a media stir.