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Sunday, September 19, 2004

In their own words:

"Growing the Greens" by David Cobb 7/20/2004:

Green Pres. Candidate David Cobb: "In the battleground states that will decide the election, we understand if you won't vote for our ticket this time. That's OK."

Ralph Nader: "The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That's the only difference."

Interview with Michael Albert at Z-Net:

David Cobb: "I am not very concerned with my vote total."

WisPolitics - 9/18/2004:

I’m in it to win it,” Cobb said. “Do not vote for John Kerry. Vote for David Cobb. And with the greatest of respect, do not vote for Ralph Nader. The Nader candidacy will be over on November 3rd. But the Green Party will still be here.”

Green VP Candidate Pat LaMarche : "If the race is tight, I'll vote for Kerry," LaMarche said. "I love my country. But we should ask them that, because if Dick Cheney loved his country, he wouldn't be voting for himself."

Jeffrey St. Clair on LaMarche/Cobb voting Kerry: "This is the sound a political party makes as it commits suicide."

LaMarche: "I want to reassure all members of the Green Party that, on November 2nd, I will be voting Cobb/LaMarche."

Interview with Brad Carlton of the Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel:

David Cobb: "And the way that I think we can accomplish both my primary goal and as well as the secondary is to target the very finite resources of candidate time and money into those states which I call the 'safe' states, or the states that are not in play."

Jeffrey St Clair on 'safe' voting: "Safe? Safe for whom? Not for Afghan or Iraqi citizens. Not for US troops. Not for the detainees at Gitmo, Bagram or Abu Ghraib. Not for migrant farm laborers or steelworkers. Not for the welfare mother or the 2 million souls rotting in American prisons. Not for the spotted owl, the streams of Appalachia or the rainforests of Alaska. Not for the residents of Cancer Alley or the peasants of Colombia or teen age girls slaving away in Nike's toxic Indonesia sneaker mills. Not for the Palestinians."

Ralph Nader
: "If you're trying to build a political movement, you don't turn your backs on people who happen to live in so-called close states," Nader said. "Our plan is to get as many votes nationally as possible.

Ralph Nader: "We're campaigning all-out."

Ralph Nader: As for the Green Party, he said, "I wish them well."

Interview with Judy Woodruff - CNN - 6/29/2004:

David Cobb: "[My campaign] is a nuanced strategy."

David Cobb: “[Voters] are not voting for John Kerry,” Cobb said. “They’re voting against George Bush.”

Ralph Nader: "I start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."

David Cobb: “What other people call spoiling,” he said, I call participating and advocating an aggressive agenda.”

Ralph Nader: "Turn on to politics... or politics will turn on you."