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Saturday, September 11, 2004

How to Argue with a Kerry Supporter

By the Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers:

ABBite : We have to do everything we can to get Bush out of office!! Anyone but Bush!! Bush has just been a disaster!!!! We need to vote for John Kerry! Kerry-Edwards! Bush is sooooo bad!!

Questioner : How so?

ABBite : What?!?! WHAT?!?!! Look at him. He’s so stupid!!

Questioner : What makes you say that?

ABBite : WHAT?!?!!? Haven’t you seen “Fahrenheit 9/11”??

Questioner : Sure I have. It was awful. What’s your point? Naming a movie title isn’t much of an argument for Bush’s stupidity.

ABBite : He can’t pronounce words or sentences properly!!!

Questioner : Actually, he can. A recent article in the Atlantic Monthly by James Fallows showed that Bush throughout his 40s “was perfectly articulate.” Has it ever occurred to you that these verbal gaffes are intentional, designed to cultivate the non-elitist, everyman image that Bush has successfully pulled off?

ABBite : No.

Questioner : Congrats, you’ve played into Karl Rove’s strategy by focusing on Bush’s personality rather than any issues your candidate should be able to take the election with. Nice job.

ABBite : Well, a Bush presidency would still be worse than Kerry’s!!!!!

Questioner : How so?

ABBite : Uh, the war, hello?!

Questioner : But John Kerry voted for the war, as did almost all the Democrats.

ABBite : But he was MISLED by bad intelligence on WMD!!

Questioner : But John Kerry now says he would have still voted for the war even without WMD. Huh??

ABBite : Well, what about CIVIL LIBERTIES at home and the PATRIOT ACT???!!! Hello, the PATRIOT ACT?!?!

Questioner : Uh, John Kerry voted for the Patriot Act.

ABBite : Yeah, but it was right after 9-11. It’s not that he really supported it. That was just the climate at the time.

Questioner : Actually, John Kerry wrote sections of the Patriot Act and is proud of it.

ABBite : He did?

Questioner : Yeah. Try doing some research.


Questioner : Hello? You still there?

ABBite : Umm, well, what about tax cuts??!!

Questioner : What about ‘em? Kerry won’t repeal most of the Bush tax cuts. In fact, he chastised Howard Dean’s proposal to do so.

ABBite : Well, I still prefer a Kerry presidency. It would be better than Bush.

Questioner : Why?

ABBite : Well, gay marriage.

Questioner : Sorry, but John Kerry is a homophobic bigot who opposes gay marriage, and at best, wants to leave it up to the states. It’s kind of sad that mainstream gay-rights groups have all but stopped mobilizing around the issue for fear of making their man, Kerry, look bad.

ABBite : Oh. Well, uh, what about abortion!!?? What if Bush puts more anti-choice judges in the Supreme Court?

Questioner : What about abortion? Kerry voted for Scalia, the most right-wing Supreme Court justice there is. He also has said he won’t make pro-choice a litmus test for appointments. Also, abortion is not just a legal issue. In fact, a woman’s chance of having one is determined largely in economic and social spheres. In most areas outside of major metropolitan zones, it’s impossible to get an abortion, and Clinton did nothing about that. Middle and upper-class women can easily travel or leave the country to get an abortion. If John Kerry spent more time caring about poor women of color and their ability to get an abortion—instead of how the middle-class might benefit from keeping more of Bush’s tax cuts—then I’d start believing him and his apologists, like you, when you hold him up to be some champion of abortion.

ABBite : Our candidate is kind of pathetic.

Questioner : Yeah, he is. Vote Nader. He is anti-Patriot Act, anti-war, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, and for a complete repeal of the Bush tax cuts. Hey, at least you didn’t call me names, spit in my face, or focus almost entirely on the horse-race aspect of this election, as most Kerry-Edwards robot-drones do... original....