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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Electing Ralph Nader

The Elect Ralph Nader blog has a very interesting essay about experiences of a Nader/Camejo campign worker:

Electing Ralph Nader

By Michael Butler

It is safe to say I've spoken personally to around 15,000 people from all walks of life about the subject of Ralph Nader's candidacy, and my first impressions recorded in this essay have remained true everywhere I've traveled. When you get out on the streets and talk to people, there is an astonishingly widespread appreciation for and adherence to Ralph Nader's viewpoints. I honestly believe that if all the people who support Nader's positions were willing to cast their vote for the candidate of their true choice, Ralph Nader would be our next President!

During a conference call with Ralph on Monday, May 10th, volunteers and coordinators working in Texas agreed that his support among "people of color" is very strong.

Those whose history is informed by oppression, or who have other reasons to recognize their rights as American citizens as something tangible and precious, have tremendous openness to hear Ralph's message, and absolute agreement with his right to express it.

A must read on...