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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Does Kerry really want to win?!!

At the Democratic Party convention, Kerry all but told the base to get lost and now they are struggling,

Karyn Strickler has some thoughts to offer on how Kerry is screwing the base and losing the election:

He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat."
- Napoleon

If Kerry’s base walks away in disgust, it could spell disaster for the Democratic nominee. The “anybody but Bush” sentiment is strong this year and the Democrats are hoping that will keep their base engaged. It’s a gamble since campaigns are won by energizing your base to help move large blocks of voters, not by a campaign of defeatist docility, designed to influence a few undecided voters.

Ironically, swing voters seem to agree that what they’re hearing from Kerry is not persuasive. In a Pennsylvania focus group with these voters, the Washington Post discovered, everyone thought Bush was more specific in laying out this agenda and they liked that, even if they didn’t agree with him. But, “In more than six hours of discussion over two separate nights, [swing voters] are hard-pressed to say anything positive about…either candidate.” Still, you don’t see the Republicans alienating their base by abandoning their core values in order to influence the swings.

As part of the disgruntled Democratic base, I feel as disenfranchised as the voters of Dade County, Florida, in the 2000 Presidential election, who had the votes they cast tossed into the trash can -- left, without a choice. Read more here
And The Washington Post writes:

President Bush -- hoping to blur differences between the two candidates over the explosive issue of Iraq -- had challenged Kerry to declare whether he would have supported the war knowing what he does now about Iraq's weapons program. Kerry strolled up to reporters, took what two of his own aides privately called obvious political bait and declared without equivocation that "yes, I would have voted for the authority" for Bush to wage the conflict.

With one simple answer, Kerry stepped on his message for the week and provided the Bush campaign the political ammunition it sought. Read more here

If Kerry does'nt want to win - he should step aside - let the voters vote for a real pro-peace, anti-war, social justice oriented candidate: Ralph Nader