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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Debates: In or out for Ralph Nader?

Stiffing Nader isn't democratic . . .

The exclusion of Ralph Nader from the debates is more than a bureaucratic manipulation to limit participation to George Bush and John Kerry. It is designed to delegitimize the public thirst for new political players.

If our democracy institutions are not proactively responsive to new developments in the body politic, our democracy will itself degenerate. Indeed, it already has. Fully 50 percent of eligible Americans do not vote in national elections.

The historical record makes clear that when independent candidates are included in national presidential debates, viewership and voter turnout go up. Moreover, polling in 2000 and 2004 show that a significant majority of Americans - as high as 75 percent in some cases - support the inclusion of Nader regardless of whom they plan to vote for.

Ralph Nader has been a hugely significant figure in American political life for a generation. He has now become a political independent, providing a visible presence for the undeniable movement toward a new paradigm that is more varied and more representative of America than the two-party system.

The hysterical reaction to Nader's candidacy by some - which has gone a step beyond wanting him excluded from the debates to wanting him removed from the ballot altogether - is as much an anti-democratic reaction to the movement as it is to the man.

A vibrant, forward-looking and responsive society must always choose the path of democratic development. The conduct of the 2004 presidential debates is a defining choice in this regard. Ralph Nader must be included in the presidential debates. Read full...

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