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Friday, September 03, 2004

Bounce Bounce Ouch!

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Time is reporting a big bounce for Bush 52% and Kerry 41% - this is huge, and may reflect polling errors, but all the other polls are also reporting Bush now speeding ahead of Kerry.

Now what? The Anybody but Bush crowd has been desperately trying to hang on to Kerry - as if he is an "alternative to Bushism." - And where is all this leading to ?

As Stephen Zunes writes:

Indeed, Kerry is arguably the Democrats’ most right-wing militaristic presidential nominee since James K. Polk.

Kerry’s vote authorizing the illegal, unnecessary and disastrous invasion of Iraq (which he defends to this day),

his calls for increased military spending (despite the end of the Cold War),

his denunciation of the International Court of Justice (for its July decision reiterating the obligation of UN member states to enforce international humanitarian law),

and his strident support for the rightist Israeli government’s illegal colonization and creeping annexation of the occupied West Bank (despite the opposition of such policies by most Israelis and American Jews)

has alienated millions of liberal, progressive and moderate voters who, as a result, may vote for independent candidate Ralph Nader or stay at home on Election Day.

Michael Moore has some advice for Kerry

He must realize that he faces Al Gore's fate only if he fails to stand up like the hero he is, only if he sits on the fence and keeps justifying his vote for the Iraq war instead of just saying, "Look, I was for it just like 70% of America until we learned the truth, and now I'm against it, like the majority of Americans are now."

Kerry needs to trust that his victory is only going to happen by inspiring the natural base of the Democratic Party — blacks, working people, women, the poor and young people. Women and people of color make up 62% of this country. That's a big majority. Give them a reason to come out on Nov. 2.

So, is Kerry going to listen - I won't be holding my breath - Kerry is a corporate candidate who is running on a pro-war Bushism platform. The American people are not stupid - a choice between Bush and Bush is no choice! The 62% of people that Moore is refering to will stay at home rather than make such a choice!

No to Kerry, No to Bush, give us a choice, give us a choice, We have our own voice!