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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why The Hip Hop Generation Shouldn't Vote For Kerry

Bakari Kitwana gives us the low-down on how ABB (anybody but Bush) is Kerry-speak:

"Being anti-Bush, as it's being played out, is an emotional response designed to get us on someone else's bandwagon. At best, being anti-Bush is a political sentiment, not a political perspective.

The anti-Bush crusade of course, has it's roots in the Democratic Party. The anti-Bush movement ironically was spawned by campaign finance reform, in the form of 527 non-profits. 527 groups have been around for 4 years, but have now taken on a new importance. Mostly these are Democrats who have found a creative way to keep in the game all that lovely unlimited so-called soft money outlawed by the BiPartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

Essentially, the anti-Bush 527 committees are not just anti-Bush, but pro Kerry, even if it's illegal for them to say so. At the end of the day, they are Democratic party footsoldiers and these wannabe hip-hop voter svengalis aren't seeking the hardcore change that the country needs, which inspired our generation to delve into electoral politics in the first place.

Neither should we buy into the tired argument that a vote for Nader is a wasted vote. Also, we shouldn't be duped by the reasoning that somehow if you're anti-Bush and didn't vote for Gore in 2000, then you're personally responsible for the Iraq War. Again a twisted attempt to put hip-hop voters on the Kerry bandwagon.

An August 15, 2004 New York Times article about Ralph Nadar's campaign ("The Secret Shame of the Nader Booster,") quoted president of Appleseed Recordings Jim Musselman, asking the rhetorical question, "We get to choose from seven different types of Coca-Colas in the supermarket, but we should only have two choices for president?" It' an important question that gets to the heart of why we shouldn't vote for John Kerry."

Kitwana points out a Kerry fun fact:

"Of the 40 millionaires in the Senate, he's the richest, worth over $160 million. This doesn't include his wife's family net worth, which is estimated at nearly $1 billion. Wealth aside, Kerry's wife Teresa Heinz Kerry, feminist advocate that she is, defected from the Republican Party to become a Democratic just last year. This and more regarding Kerry, is the stuff that makes you go, hmmm."

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