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Monday, August 02, 2004

Who is John Kerry?! Part IV

"I got to say this and I’ve said this to everybody here who's been asking me about the war. One thing I do know about Kerry, he will not invade a country like George W. Bush did. (applause) "- Michael Moore, July 27th, 2004.

John Kerry, July 22nd, 2004:

Not in the least. I think we have to be in
Iraq. What have I flipped on? I just think we ought
to do it right!
John Kerry, interviewed on ABC's This week 2/22/98

Kerry: I think that there is a disconnect between the depth of the threat that Saddam Hussen represents to the world and what we are at the moment talking about doing...

we have to be prepared to go the full distance to do everythng possible to disrupt his regime and to encourage the forces of democracy

Q: does that mean ground troops in iraq?

Kerry: I’m personally prepared, if that what it meant ... and we will not eliminate the problem for ourselves or for the rest of the world with a bombing attack

Senator Kerry, you are way ahead of the commander in chief (Clinton) in this regard

K: I am way ahead of the commander in chief (Clinton), and am probably way ahead of my collegues, and certainly much of the country but I believe this.
When Kerry voted for the war on Iraq he did what he believed in - no, it was not a "mistake" - he finally found a cause he believed in!

Michael, it's about time you stopped treating Kerry with kids gloves - Republicans or Democrats, Bush or Kerry - they deserve the same intense focus - This is about our future, not about protecting one wing of the duopoly from the other.

While Michael is out and about campaigening for war president canidate Kerry - and much of the progressive anti-war movement have become quiet, or are attacking their friends in the Nader/Camejo campaigen - the Republicans have come up with a very interesting video that is worth watching (look for the Kerry Iraq Documentary).

The video details Kerry's record on the Iraq war, in his own words.

Thank you hyphenatedrepublic for the tip!