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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Where is the democracy in the Democratic Party?!

Crying Liberty

The Democratic Party, like their counterparts in the Republican Party (remember Florida?) have engaged in major widespread disruption of American democracy. Perhaps, this is part of their strategy to run as Bush-lite, "moving to the center" or runing as the "new Democrats" - or maybe this is their strategy to gain the respect of the Republican Party?!

But most probably it is just about wanting to win so bad - that they'll do away with democracy if that is what it takes.

For more information on how American democracy is being subverted, see my previsous blogs on California news, more (not moore) on democracy, no more democracy Also see anti-war party victory in England (for some hope)!

Ralph Nader has written an important article confronting these anti-democratic tactics:

Though the Democrats have the right to robustly oppose my independent presidential campaign, they don’t have the right to engage in dirty tricks designed to deny millions of voters the opportunity to choose who should be the next president.

But that’s what is happening. Across the country, the Democratic Party, state Democratic partisans, corporate lobbyists and law firms are making an unprecedented effort to keep the Nader-Camejo ticket off the ballot. It’s a sordid, undemocratic tactic, an affront to voters and a threat to electoral choice.

The so-called pro-choice Democrats do not want voters to have a political choice; they want them stuck with only two candidates. Democrats and corporate lobbyists conducted training sessions during the Democratic convention to plan a national campaign to keep Nader-Camejo off the ballot in as many states as possible

Not only are these efforts an attempt to deprive voters of choices in 2004 but, unless repulsed, they will set a precedent for undermining future third-party and independent candidates. Read more here!