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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

USA TODAY/CNN Poll Shows Nader on the Ballot - HELPS KERRY - HURTS BUSH


The Democrats have screwed up yet again. USA TODAY/CNN Florida Gallup Poll found Nader/Camejo on the ballot actually helps John Kerry, and hurts Bush/Cheney. The poll finds if Nader/Camjeo were not on the ballot in Florida - Nader/Camejo voters would vote Bush/Cheney 48% - Kerry/Edwards 47%.

Nation wide: If Nader/Camejo are in the race - Bush 48% - Kerry 46% - If Nader/Camejo drop out of the election all together - Bush/Cheney 50% - Kerry/Edwards 47%.

In a 3 way Bush/Kerry/Nader race - Kerry's losing margin in Florida is reduced from 3% to 2%.

In each instance Nader/Camejo help Kerry/Edwards because Nader is indeed taking votes from Bush. Ask yourself if the Democrat dirty tricks and sweeping war in Iraq/Patriot Act under the rug - in exchange for fake issues: Kerry's Vietnam Service, Kerry/Edwards superior hair - are the actual reasons. Their platform is "We Are Not Bush" and people need more than that to choose diet over the real thing.