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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Update on Najaf - Hold Kerry Accountable!

Today, Voices in the Wilderness held a protest outside the Kerry headquarters -

Flashpoints interviewed Jeff Leys, one of the protestors, who has spent time in Iraq, he said:

"we are trying to get Kerry to issue a call for the US to cease immediately military operations in Iraq, in particular in Najaf, and to withdraw forces from Najaf...we have attempted over a couple of days for Kerry to issue such a statement, and have been met with silence by Kerry thus far...

Interviewer: people say Kerry, no matter what....

Jeff is critical to hold Kerry accountable right now because if we do not hold Kerry accountable, the war in Iraq is going to continue...

Kerry has moral and ethical obligations to speak out against this war, and if he cannot do so in a manner to protect the holy sites of one of the major religions of the world, then Kerry does not in any way shape or form deserve the support of progressives in this country..."
Listen to entire interview here (click on Thrusday August 12th show)

Keep writing to Kerry - see Najaf Action Alert below -

Click here to contact Senator John Kerry

Also write to Muslims for Kerry, and ask them to join the call to action (below) and that Kerry has a responsiblity to speak out, and he must be held accountable for his actions now!

Click here to contact Muslims for Kerry

And write to Muslims for Bush, and ask them to pressure their friend Bush to stop this military action immediately!

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