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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Shame! Democrats, Shame!

Stop Asking

Over the past few months, perhaps even over the past year - some progressives, and especially Democrats have been campaigening to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot.

Along with the obvious anti-choice, and anti-democracy implications of such calls and moves, there is another important ramification: attempting to keep Nader/Camejo off the ballots is, in effect, a way of keeping the war on Iraq a non-issue this election year.

Is this what the progressives allied with the Democratic Party really want? If not, it is about time they broke their terribly harmful silence - and joined with the Nader/Camejo campaign in stridently opposing such efforts that are undermining the very basis of American democracy.

Forrest Hill writes in a new article on Greens For Nader:

Ralph Nader's efforts to get his name on state ballots are being hindered by Democrats who have mounted an extensive campaign to keep him from becoming a factor in this year's election.

Relying on an atmosphere of fear, Democratic operatives, aided by a group of lawyers calling themselves the Ballot Project Inc., have initiated mini intimidation campaigns to stop Nader.

The question is why are so many people who claim to favor the bill of rights and free elections openly participating in this totalitarian effort to deny fellow citizens the right to vote their conscience?

...The spoiler accusation has especially had a profound effect on progressives, many of whom have simply abandoned their political values and become willing participants in the struggle to limit voter choice.

Such capitulation by "former" progressives has emboldened the Democrats to carry out a host of unscrupulous tactics, including:

Spoiling ballot access conventions in Oregon by packing the convention center with Democrats who then refused to sign the petitions.

Hiring corporate law firms to scrutinize ballot access efforts and discard signatures on frivolous and technical grounds in states such as Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and New Hampshire.

Hiring a contractor to check the validity of Nader signatures who outsourced the work to India.

Sending threatening letters to volunteer petition gatherers, telling them they could be jailed and fined if they submitted fraudulent signatures.

Using state employees, contractors and interns in Illinois to review and challenge signatures on Nader-Camejo ballot access petitions.

This is the current state of American democracy, do we really want it to keep going in this direction?

I hope the answer is No, and that people of conscience are are not going to remain silent!