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Thursday, August 19, 2004

A rallying cry to retreat is not a strategy!


At a packed theater in Berkeley, California, Arundhati Roy - said that the election situation in the United States is different than in India: here, in the US - there is not even a pretense of a difference - and Kerry and Bush are like two brands of detergents , both owned by Proctor and Gamble. Roy was careful about saying "i don't want to tell you what to do" - but that our (people who make up social movements) focus, our actions, must be that of an opposition. I will write more about this talk a bit more in detail later this evening, but it was very heartening to hear about a strategy for social change that did not call for a retreat.

M. Junaid Alam, a 21, year old co-editor of radical youth journal Left Hook has written an important article regarding the continuing Anybody But Bush (ABB) situation. The article is addressed to "radicals" but, I think it applies to everyone of us - and I would replace the word "radical" here with all peoples of conscience. Below are some excerpts, the complete article is available here:

To pretend that Kerry operates outside this ruling-class consensus is patently absurd. He helped lead the nation into war with Iraq in his capacity as senator by voting to authorize Bush with war powers and has declared ex-post facto support for the war even absent its original pretexts. The liberal-led stampede to elect Kerry is undoubtedly one of the greatest self-deceptions of all time; so obsessed with the superficial quirks of the Bush persona, it will gladly vote the Bush war agenda into power so long as it is administered by some other—any other—individual.
Given this state of affairs, it is unconscionable for radicals to provide cover fire for the massive liberal deception campaign that is Anybody But Bushism. More than half of all Americans oppose the war in Iraq. Almost the entire world—and especially the Arab world—stands against the occupation. Young American men and women are being forced into virtual military slavery with endless extensions on their tours of duty, fighting in the hundreds of thousands, killing in the tens of thousands, becoming maimed in the thousands, and dying in the hundreds. And we are to support this madness by backing a more “efficient,” more “eloquent” proponent of war?
...replacing one warmonger-in-chief with another does not constitute a “defeat” for a “warmonger government.” Since Kerry has explicitly made clear that he would not have changed his vote to authorize the war against Iraq even in retrospect, and will merely work to recruit more U.S. allies to assist in “stabilizing” Iraq, there is absolutely no basis whatsoever for any thinking person to magically conclude that Iraqi civilians will receive any respite from a Kerry administration.

There have been suggestions that Kerry was trapped into making the statement about not changing his vote for the war. But this is not the first time he has made such a statement, in a previous blog, i pointed out that he wanted to invade Iraq as far back as 1998!

We have one vote - just one vote - are we to waste it on either of the two pro-warrior candidate? Thankfully there is an alternative - this November, for your family, for your community, for America, for the planet - vote for peace: