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Monday, August 30, 2004

Peter Camejo at "can we do better than ABB?!!"

More than a thousand people attended a panel on "can we do better than anybody but bush" as part of the NO RNC events in New York.

Peter Camejo spoke last and got a rousing standing applause for his principled stand on movement building, and the necessity for not becoming blinded with the ABB ideology. A few important points he made:

In many respects we are faced with a situation that the abolitionists faced when that party was accused of being a "spoiler." But if we were faced with such a situation where there were two partys advocating slavery, of-course we would chose the third that was not! Some would say that is not the issue.. But are people's lives being destroyed because of war not worth a similar consideration?!

Peter Camejo also pointed out, in response to that people of the world (especially middle-east) needing to see that we do not elect a peresident who has engaged in such destruction. Peter pointed out that people of the world, esp. the "third world" are not stupid, of-course they will know immediately what kind of a president Kerry would be - the same, if not worse!

What the world would respond positively to is this, that the Nader/Camejo ticket gets at least 10 million votes, and a strong passionate movement that will not compromise on its principles.

The march of 500,000 people on Sunday was a victory, and although many of them may end up voting for Kerry, there was no Kerry signs - this is because many of the people know, the know very well what Kerry is about - and they are ashamed. (There were maybe two or three small signs that I saw, but nothing very apparent).

ABB people who harrass Nader people - and say that "they hate Bush" might want to explain exactly what is it that they hate Bush about? The answer might be that they "hate" him for all that Kerry stands for!

There were other very interesting speakers, hopefully this will be availaible on tape/CD soon, and can be placed on-line...

Tomorrow, Ralph Nader will be speaking at an anti-war convention co-sponsored by the Muslim Students Association at Columbia University. I'll try to do a report after that talk...