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Monday, August 16, 2004

Pepsi or Coke?

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Pepsi or Coke? - Nader is a healthier choice
by Ahmed Amr

(Monday 16 August 2004)

The “war president” now wants to be a “peace president”. In the other corner of the ring, Kerry is pumping himself up to be the “war monger president”. He will opt for a war of choice whenever he feels the urge – regardless of whether the designated enemy poses any kind of threat to the United States.
Once again we are left with a Coke or Pepsi decision. Choose your poison and get the battle stations ready for four more years of ‘shock and awe’.
The only real problem American voters seem to have with Ralph Nader is that he thinks Coke and Pepsi are bad for the nation’s health. He would rather we drink from a river of peace. But Americans – always a free-spirited people – insist on the right to imbibe their beverage of choice. They are accustomed to voting for brand name political parties because their taste buds are programmed to crave that old familiar taste.
Amr goes on highlight Kerry's staunch neo-con support, groveling at the feet of Ariel Sharon, approval of Iraqi war with or without WMD's, as Kerry shows every promise of being 'Bush Heavy’ – not ‘Bush Lite’.

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